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      Ok so I went to the doctor yesterday and they told me once again that my due date is the 24th. UGH, When I was in Texas they told me it was the 8th. And now the 24th?

      So That makes me 36 weeks, well while my midwife (His name is Tom) was finding the position of the baby he found out she was breeched, her head was up.
      To comfirm that she was breeched he did an ultra sound and sure enough the first thing we saw when he put the thing on the top of my stomach was her big ol head. =/ Thennn He saw that the Amniotic fluid is low. It was a 2 and it’s suppose to be a 5-25.


      So I had to do so many test just for another doctor to say that it is low but not too low to start a panic.
      But with it being on the lower side the baby can’t turn herself around as good, so I’ll probably be having a csection, if she’s not here before then, I’ll probably be scheduled to have one in three weeks. :blink:

      So Yeahh, Does anyone have any tips on how to turn her over?
      I have tried ice packs on top and heat on bottom, but nothing, she turned her head just a little. =/


        Don’t panic just yet, she may just very well turn on her own, I have a bicornate uterus which means it is like the shape of a heart, I always carried sideways or breach and I have never had a c section. My first two I had to have flipped, the doctor gave me a medicine to relax my uterus then covered my tummy in mineral oil and physically turned the baby by rubbing and pushing on the outside of my tummy, it was painful and felt really weird but it was better than a c section so I hear….with my last she stayed breach for most of my pregnancy then just turned on her own…also there are things you can do, make sure you talk with a doctor first to get the ok medically, but you can go to a swimming pool and do underwater hand stands, that can sometimes cause the baby to turn, she may want to have her head up..LOL…there are also stretches and other things you can do, take a flashlight in a dark room and turn it on down by the bottom of your uterus, babies can tell the difference in light and dark and hear sounds, use a flashlight and or music (take a speaker and place it down low on your abdomen) and it could cause the baby to follow where they hear and see, anyways this is just stuff I found in researching my own breech issues…I hope it helps and please keep us updated…Love Meg


          I’m hoping she’ll turn and I hope she won’t get caught on her cord. =/ I have so many worries.
          And after they turned your baby around did they induce you or wait for you to go into labor? And if they waited did it take long till labor started?

          I’m scared if they flip the baby around that they will do something to my uterus so I can’t have another baby or the placenta will burst.
          I think if they want to turn my baby I’ll ask for them to induce so I don’t have to worry about anything. Idk.

          I’m sccared about the low fluid, but I’ll see the doctor Monday.


            My first had the cord around her neck but my doctor was so smooth and quick to handle it that had I not been watching and totally aware I wold have never known…many kids are born with the cord around their neck, although it can be very dangerous and cause some damage it is not something you should worry about too much even if you have the baby flipped…I had had the procedure done 4 times in total, we kept trying to flip the babies until we realized that my uterus was bicornate…the plan was to flip and induce and both times that he went to flip and induce, by the time I was all set up with an iv and all that the baby had moved on it’s own so I was just induced, the contractions are good at keeping baby’s head down…I never had to have my third flipped though…there are risks and there is validation to your fear but you cannot hold on to that sweetie, no matter what happens it is all in God’s hands, it is when we let go and let Him take our thoughts captive and give Him our concerns that we can find peace and rest….I know from experience that it is hard to do especially after my last pregnancy but you just gotta keep your mind on positive things like meeting your baby…as for the low fluids, I had no warning of my fluid levels, during my last labor I kept asking why my contractions hurt so bad since my water had not broken yet, I had already had two kids, I KNOW what it feels like to have your water break…my water never broke, when she came out there was a very small gush of fluid, maybe 1/2 cup, I was in shock as well as the doctor…it was a practically dry birth and we never figured out when I lost my fluids, I personally think she drank it all because she had 12 miconium poops, normally babies will have 1-3…LOL…just hang in there, I am praying for you, try not to dwell on stressful issues and pay attention to your body…much love and I can’t wait to hear that you have a sweet little baby in your arms….Meg

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