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      So for those that read my last post…im updating u all on my current condition. After i went to the docs the urine and blood came out positive for the pregnancy hormone. Since she is just a PCP…i had to go to the ER ASAP…:dry: She and i thought that it was from the previous abortion. BUT!…when i got my sonogram done…turns out i am 3 weeks pregnant…5 weeks along…Im sure many of u kno wat that means. Basically the process is 5 weeks along but my lil tiny creature is just 3 weeks old. So small it couldnt even be seen yet. My sac was visible but also very new..not too big. Im excited….and oddly enough…so is daddy. He rubs my belly everyday. plays music to the baby. Lookin for multiple jobs so that we can be on our feet. Im moving out of my parents house..hopfully by this summer. I was going to get a 1ne bedroom, but daddy wants a 2 bedroom. Wants the baby to have "his" own room. Ooo Yes he has already thought of names and plans 4 the room. Im bringing his attitude toward this up b’cuz…well he was scared b4…it was his idea 2 have the abortion the last time but now it wasnt even brought up…he was scared…but he realized that this is what he wanted. His family. So to all you young ladies that r scared. learn frm me. abortion isnt the answer. If he is scared….well talk to him…do not go 4 it if u do not want it. it is ur body..ur choice. im happy with my choice now. im waiting to go to my actual GYN..1nce i kno baby is okay…the family will be told. Well…off to sleep i go.:cheer:

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