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      hey everybody,
      i am writing to update everyone on the situation. i posted a topic in october talking about my baby cravings after giving my daughter up for adoption. i just got a new car today. a 2003 ford focus. my mom is cosigning since i’m not 18. i will be making payments by myself so it’s a pretty big step. i also got a new job with better pay. i made the honor roll as well. i talked to my boyfriend and my mom about wanting another baby. my mom said that it would be great to wait until i am stable (i agree) and am at least out of high school to have another one. but she would help, and support me as much as she could if i did get pregnant before then. my boyfriend confessed that he wants another baby and has been thinking about it for awhile. he said that if i got pregnant now then he would be happy with it and he would want to keep the baby. he’s been MUCH more supportive of my feelings. sometimes we even walk down the baby isles at stores just to look. it feels great knowing that they are there for me. i feel like i have accomplished a lot and got so much off of my chest. i do, however, still want a baby. i know that i should wait and i have a lot more things to get done and several goals to accomplish before i can put myself aside and think of a baby as my main priority. right now i am trying to focus on school, and work and plan for college. thank all of you who replied and gave me your comfort and support. i would love it if you guys keep ’em coming!! it is still very difficult to deal with the contact between my daughter and i. with the contract we signed,we will only be getting pictures every 3 months instead of every month like the first year, so your support is greatly appreciated.thanx!!



        Congratulations on the new job and the new car. It sounds good that you have been talking with your mom and boyfriend about your feelings. I agree with your mom and your boyfriend that it would be best for you to focus on school for now and wait a couple of years to have another baby, but it sounds like your boyfriend will make a good father in the future. I wish you both well.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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