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      well some people know that i did a pregnancy test and it came up with a faint positive…i went to the doctor and he said i am about 6 weeks pregnant so i have to go for more tests lol i feel like a pin cushion….this pregnancy is so different to my first..my boobs are about 10 million times more sore and my morning sickness is pretty bad…does anyone have any advice on how to help morning sickness?…i have to work and i cant not work just cos i feel sick so if there are any things you ladies tryed and it worked id love to hear them 🙂 thank you……ehhhh even as i type this my boobs hurt and i feel sick…the joys of pregnancy :X


        I feel tha same way with the boob thing and morning sickness.
        Any advice for those things?


          well all i have been doing lately is eating small things all the time like nibblng on crackers all day helps but when i have to go oin a car and i have had nothing to eat i feel so sick lo its lucky i havnt spewed all over the car yet 😛


            I found that eating crackers and drinking a coke in the mornings after waking up it helped my morning sickness.


              ill have to try that….morning sickness is the worst part i reckon….i hate feeling sick…ive been confined to a bed and a bottle of water and a bucket….classy i know lol 😛


                I had morning sickness the first trimester, all day every day. It was so hard, specially while being at school. My teachers wouldn’t let me go to the bath room. I ended up having to leave school and getting into adult high. Another not so fun part is when your boobs start leaking, mine do it a lot now. Plus Braxton like to push on my bladder all the time, I have to go pee like every twenty minutes.:dry:

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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