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      hey everyone. my name is rocky… a little while ago i thought i was pregnant. my period was 12 days late.

      it came. i think it was late because i have TONS of ovarian cysts. i dont actually know if thats what was keeping it.

      anyways, im still dating my boyfriend david. He has a 2 year old son named keegan and i stopped nannying london. after trying nannying and being with a two year old all the time i realize what people mean when they say that babies are alot of work. so i put myself back on birthcontrol but it makes my migranes 20x worse (they will last 2-3 days) and my boobs get too sore. i just cant deal with it. so i took it out a couple days ago. im really trying now to be more careful.
      i do know that when im older and ready it will be great because my boyfriend is such an awesome dad.

      and i know this site is for young girls that are pregnant or have kids. but im going to stay on it because i like to read the stories and talk with other girls about pregnancy.
      and i learn alot by reading in the “parent talk” it helps me deal with keegan.
      right now he is in the “mine” stage. ughhhh if only you could hear him. other than that he is such a good kid. oh and appplause please. keegan is grasping the concept of peeing in the toilet. he knows what to do when he sits on it but he doesnt know that he should wait to pee/poop untill he gets to a bathroom.


        Thanks for updating us! 🙂


          This site is not only for pregnant girls and mothers. It is for the support of girls who have gone through abortions, as well. This site is meant to support and be there for everyone who asks for help. So you do belong here. 🙂

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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