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      Hi you might remember me. My names Parker and I justed wanted to up date you all. I am living with my youth pastor, his wife and there baby. I am not going to get a abortion. It is still really hard going through all this but I will make it. My pregnantcy is very high risk! Right now my main concern is to carry the babies as long as I can. I know they will have to stay in the hospital for some amount of time but I hope it won’t be long. I think about the man that raped me everyday but I am going to start counciling thursday so I think I will make it.


        I am very happy to hear that you have stopped cutting and that you are in good care. You certainly will make it thru this and anyone that tells you differently is dead wrong. I am here anytime to talk. Keep in touch and keep possitive. Jessica


          i have read your older posts 2, and i have to say i am very,very proud on you.
          i am sure that you are a very strong person and that youll come throught this!!
          i will keep you and your babie in my mind!


            I’m so glad that you are doing better. Thank you so much for updating us! I am praying for you! I hope that the counseling helps you, and that it continues to go well living with your youth pastor and his family. 🙂 Keep coming on here and letting us know how you are doing. 🙂


              My little ones are doing Okay but I am still underweight. I am starting to show a tiny bit and am very scared when people at school find out. I am actually was a volleyball player and have some very close freinds. I do not want everyone to know I was raped so… I don’t know how long I can hide the pregantcy with big hoodies. I am a straight A student councel person and I feel like I am letting everybody down. I am so conflicted about eather staying in my regular school or going to the Teen Parents school a few hour away. If I did that I would stay with a sort of foster familiy that volunteers to do this. I really want to leave my youth pastors house not because I feel unwelcome but because I know him and his wife need some time with there baby. It is very hard going from straight A student to not knowing where I’ll be in 7mths

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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