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      hi im looking for some advice,

      for the past 2 weeks i have been getting pains and uncomfortableness in my abdomen and stomach area, i havent took a pregnancy test but just wanted some help first, if i were to be i would b 12 weeks, is it possible to not know at 12 weeks? i weigh 56 kgs and tummy isnt toned but its not fat or hard, would it be hard at 12 weeks? also i havent had any nausea or breast tenderness, frequent urine or any common symptoms just the weird stomach feelings that are freaking me out!
      i read that if you take a pregnancy test in your 2nd trimester it will show negative is this true? also the sex that i did have 3 months ago was unprotected but he didnt finish although i know it can still happen?
      also iv been on the depo jag for past 2 months so periods have stopped so cant tell that way
      thanks for any help

      also want to add that today i’v done a test and it showed negative,

      any help would really be appreciated as i dont know much about this stuff!


        fistly hun. Breath ok. first you really need to find out if you really are pregnant as well a s how far you are etc. Note that not all woman go through the same symptoms we all have differant bodies. some go as far as 6months and wouldnt know that they were pregnant, i strongly suggest you get checkd out then from there the doctors will tell you what to do, if your too afraid take a hpt but they do not always show accurate results


          i am unsure at 7 weeks, and had neg tests all along, but i got the same feeling that i had with my first so i reccon i am preg. it’ll be best to go the the docs and get them to do a blood test, it’d be more accurate if you are infact 12 weeks, i’m here if you wanna chat 🙂 x


            i know the smart thing to do would be see a doc but thing is i recently moved to the middle east and dont have insurance and dont drive so id have to get my mum to take me and pay for the test and she cant find out so right now its just not poss to go to a doc, also want to add that iv taken another 2 tests one at midday and another as soon as i got up the next day and both were neg and these were decent digital hpt’s! thing is i havent had symptoms, iv been looking at forums here and i know everyones diffrent but i still dont have the need to pee a lot or feel nauseous or tender breasts, just weird stomach pains and bloatedness and some pain in ovaries, i probably am freaking out over nothing but its the fact that abortions illegal here and not only that but if i was i would be 13 weeks by now which is too late to abort it anyhow! any more advice would be really helpful right now xx


              just to update i managed to get to the docs to take a blood test and its neg, she done an vaginal ultrasound (bloody agony!) and its no for sure:lol: def learned lesson tho!

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