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      [b][color=#FF0080]Im 23 weeks pregnant now with my second baby, expecting another baby girl 🙂 but this pregnancy compared to my first is terribly scary.
      With my first i had no problems at all and breezed through it but this one is just one thing after the other and coping with it isint as easy as it seems.

      At 14 weeks pregnant i had a bleed, it was like a tap had been turned on and it looked like something from a horror film and i automatically feared the worst. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital but they could see no cause to why i was bleeding and baby was still happy and active. The pain i felt i was unreal, the cramps made me vomit. After about an hour the bleeding slowed and turned into what was like a brown discharge. I was told everything was ok and took a couple of days rest from work.

      at 17 weeks i started to feel ill while i was at work and while walking down the stairs i passed out. my head went light and i lost all feeling in my legs, it was like my whole body had turned to jelly. Again i was told that everything was ok and again i was told to rest. i also was told i had varicous viens now and have to wear some pretty sexy stockings so that means summer dresses are out for now.

      everything was going well after that and i went back to work. At 22 weeks i was at work, on light duties and everything was just as normal until i felt the familiar wet inbetween my legs. i was havin another bleed but it was not so heavy but it lasted longer and the pain was worse. I had to go back to the hosp and this time they kept me in for obsevation but again they couldnt tell why it was happening and everything was fine.

      Im scared now all the time that something is going to happen, all the time in the back of my head thinkin i might not be so lucky for everything to be ok next time. Iv stopped working because it happenin at work was too much for me. i have 5 weeks holiday to take at work then i need to go on sick for 2 weeks before i can even start my maternity and that means i miss out on 3 months with the baby and have 6 months left when she arrives, but im going to be grateful for anytime i have with her.

      I wrote this as i was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them or something similar, i have been tested for low lying placenta and blood group issues but they are fine so there is no reason this is happening.

      Thanks for reading and any comfort anyone can give.

      lilredheed ….. mammy to Talia Louise aged 3 and mammy to be to Peyton joan 08/10/11[/color][/b]


        hey lilredheed,
        im sorry that you think you shouldnt have bothered to reach out :(. however, ive never had the bleeding issues you are experiencing in any of my pregnancies.:( if your doc is saying youre ok, then i would go along with them in that you should just rest and do light activity.. how are you feeling now? are you bleedings more often and closer? longer?



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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