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      Hey ladies, It has been a long time for those who have been members of SUG for a while and a new feature for those who have recently joined but our chat room is now up and running, when a moderator or administrator activates it you will see a message on the home page alerting you that the chat room is up and running. We will try to have it available as often as possible but it may not be up at the same times every day, that is why it is an unexpected chat..LOL…keep your eyes open and look for it, the more we see people using the feature when it is on the more often we will try to have it available, I have already had a great time talking with some of you ladies the past couple of days and I look forward to talking to more of you and to see you ladies encouraging each other by using the chat to provide a shoulder to lean on…I will try to have it going for a while tomorrow in the late morning early afternoon and also in the evening, pacific standard time…chat with you soon…Love Meg


        Hey Everyone, just some helpful hints for more successful chatting!! I have noticed that this last week there have been quite a few of you checking the chat feature out, you might say, funny, I have checked it out and haven’t chatted with anyone! This could be the reason, someone will log in lets say at 2:30pm They see no one in there so they leave, then someone else logs in at 2:32, they see no one in there so they leave. You ladies have been missing each other my a matter of moments to minutes, if you want to chat, log in, if there is no one in there or someone doesn’t respond immediately then just go browse or read blogs and forums and then check back in but don’t log out because then no one will know that you have been in there wanting to chat!! If more of us start staying logged in there will be some great opportunities to share advice, share our stories and to have a great time supporting each other on the different roads we are all on…it may take a while to get in the grove but if we commit to logging in and being there for one another we will see a whole new aspect of out community here on Standupgirl…Look forward to chatting…Love Meg


          I am so confused, I can’t even find where this chat feature is! Lol!:huh:


            First the chat feature is located on the left hand side of your page in the green area, it is called Chat Zone, if you just click on it then you can log in with your user name and password (the same as you log into the site with) It is only available when you see that the chat zone is now online in your profile page, the forums or the home page…Now for those of you who haven’t been in there yet I just wanted to share that we had a blast yesterday, it seemed like the conversations were going for quite a few hours and that some had questions answered and some just got the encouragement and pick me up from other’s in their same shoes…keep an eye out for the chat room , it can be tons of fun!!! Meg

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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