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      Hi my name is Jennifer,
      Im 17 and IM about 15 weeks and 5 days pregnant at the time of this post. I am due October 22nd. Living with a secret is hard for me. From the time i found out I was pregnant I thought this child would be something I would be able to handle even though my boyfriend of almost 2 years dumped me. I never Thought I would even consider abortion. :ermm: I went to my first docters appointment with my boyfriends mother and found out I am pregnant with twins. I had to act happy about it but truly im scared and i am falling more into this state of doubt about the whole situation. I went to our local planned parenthood and was told an abortion could be carried out until the 20th week of pregnancy but my decision would have to be made soon. :angry: Im angry because the pregnancy was an accident and my boyfriend dumped me. I was told to give him time to come around but im running out of time. Im stuck keeping my pregnancy a secret from my closest friends and even my family. My parents are going through a devorce and are not home ever really due to a budding business. :silly: I feel my life has been turned upside down. I dont feel a victim because I made the choice to have sex. It dose not change the fact that I feel really scarred. My decision is completly mine and a docter can only give you so much support. Just thought maybe I could drop in for a little peer support.
      Warm regards,


        I’m really sorry to hear about your ungrateful boyfren..but you have created something beautiful,and twins may be something that will only happen to you once. I had an abortion at 17,if you read my story ( pregnant at 21) and seroiusly it is the worst pain mentally and physcially. Don’t do it, honestly, and if you want to give them up for adoption..I’m positive a good family will take them. I hope you can be stroung Jennifer and do what your heart says is best. Do what you want to do…and don’t worry about your boyfren, or your family. You will make it through, whether it’s with them or without. Good luck on your decissions, and I’m praying. Maybe when I’m giving birth around October 30th, you will be giving birth to….
        I know how your feeling thou, scared, alone, emotional and having horrible thoughts…I hope this helps….. maybe you need a bit of positive in your life, just like me, just so we can get through this tough time…
        Good luck Hun, I really wish you all the best!



          I’m sorry to hear that your boyfriend broke up with you, and I understand how scared you are feeling. Pregnancy is hard even with good support. I can’t imagine going through it without any support. If you are feeling all alone I think you should tell your friends and family so you don’t have to go it alone. I understand that you don’t want to add stress and burden to your parents as they are going through a divorce right now. They may be upset at first, but you may be surprised – they might warm up to the idea of their upcoming little grandchildren.

          If you still feel uncomfortable telling them you could contact a crisis pregnancy center and they could give you support through the pregnancy. I hope that you do not have an abortion and decide to consider an option that would give life to your twins. Adoption is always an option too. If you need to talk I am here to listen – you are not alone. Hang in there!

          (by the way – my "little" brother and sister (they’re 24 now) are twins with a birthday of October 7)


            [color=#008000][color=#008000]First off congratulations!! Having twins is amazing! i myself only have one child which I had when I was 16. The only thing i can tell you is to do what you feel is right. If you feel you need to have an abortion ( i would NOT reccomend it) then i guess the only thing you can do is get it done. i do know people who have had abortions and are very deeply scarred both emotionally and even physically. If you have support of family and friends even though your boyfriend is not around and you want to keep you children then you should. having a baby is wonderful. yes its hard and will be even harder with 2 but thats twice the love that your getting from two lives that you created. i can tell you that i do not at all regret getting pregnant at 15. yes life has been hard but it has been even harder but the rewards of being a mom is so much better. i hope everything works out for the better and good luck!!

            God Bless

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