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      So… I could possibly be pregnant? I know my boyfriend and I have kind of been stupid about it and all but I know he’d be there for me. Just one thing: his mom is pregnant and he’s so scared for it because he wants to be a good big brother and all. He talks to me about when he becomes a father how scary it’d be, no matter what the age. I don’t want to dissapoint him at all…

      But I’m not even sure. I get naucious for a few minutes at around 9 am every day at school, and sometimes in the evenings. I feel this kind of cramp-like thing and I’m lightly bleeding. Uhm… my breasts are tender, usually. And my veins show, a lot. I know the fact that I’m really moody and irritated easily. I’ve never thrown up, though. I always get headaches and dizziness. But the thing is sometimes I get a minor sore throat and my nose is runny.
      So, I don’t know if I’m just sick or what?

      If I was to be pregnant, I drank a few sips or half a bottle probably of smirnoff a week ago and took some liquid medicine today. Could that hurt the baby at all? :/


        Hey honey,

        Now before you go getting to worked up, there a few things that you should do/wait for. If your more than a few days late, you should take a home pregnancy test, they arnt very expensive and you can do them in the bathroom at the shops if your worried about someone finding it. Dont stress out until you know whats going on.

        Your symptoms could simply be your period coming and a cold. Also nerves about possibly being pregnant can make you feel sick.

        My first symptom was REALLY REALLY sore breasts, and was extreamly tired, however the tiredness didnt start until about 5 weeks (a week after I found out).

        So dont stress yet hon. Take the test, and we are all here to help you with the results.


          So, I took three home tests and they all came out positive. I also went to a clinic and they took another one that came out positive, as well. They were very helpful with information, but I have made a decision that would be both the best for myself, and- I do believe- my child. I have decided to keep, against all odds, my baby. I hope for a smooth pregnancy, because a miscarriage would destroy me. I feel selfish, in a way, but I know that I may only be 14, but I am very smart and very determined. I know that I will have lots of support and help to raise a baby. I’m not worried about giving up my teenage years because this is my mistake, responsibility, and ultimately- my own life. I just wanted some other people’s views on my decision.

          The father of my child is still with me, though we broke up before I even found out about this. He just doesn’t seem to grasp the responsibility that is coming along with this, and I’m trying to make him understand it. He’s just terrified and needs to grow up, but I know he’ll be there to help.

          Also, my parents are the next step. I do want their opinions and all, but I’ve already made my decision, and highly doubt that no matter what anybody says to me will get in my way of taking on this challenge in life. But… any ideas of telling parents? I don’t know if the father should be with me, or what. Advice would be nice for some girls who are there. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much.


            hi well its good to hear u are taking the roll of been a mum like u have it would be hard at 14 to raise a baby i was 17 when i fell pregnant with my first he was planned but it was still scary so u are going to have to be very strong and not let people put u down. now to telling your mumand dad its going to be a big shock to them at first so just let them get there anger out first and they will calm down i would tell your mum first and then have her with u when u tell your dad if u dont mind me asking how old is your bf. i hope i have helped i will come back and check and see when u have replyed if u have any questions dont be scared to ask i will try and help good luck

            i am ttc #3 at the moment


              Hi, I know this is a tough time for you and I just wanted to let you know I’m here if you need to talk. I was 18 when I got pregnant with my son and my Mom was so angry. She wanted me to get an abortion but I refused – I did not tell my parents until it was too late for an abortion on purpose. My Dad was very pro-life so of course he told my Mom "no way" and said they would help support me and the baby financially. it’s not easy being a teen Mom but you can do it if you set your mind to it! I think I did a damn good job and my son will be 18 years old next month. I went to college at night and then went full time after he started Kindergarten full day. I became a teacher, got a Master’s degree and now own my own business – not bad for a teen Mom and HS dropout who got a GED!!! Keep the faith and don’t let anyone tell you that there is anything you can’t achieve. If I beat the odds, you can too!


                Thank you guys so much. It’s really nice to hear something positive. Though, I still am in denial about this whole situation, because it’s so unreal. Even through the four postive tests, I haven’t been feeling many symptoms except for my breast in the past few days, so I’m confused and scared. :-/

                My (ex)boyfriend is 14, too. We have been together for nearly 2 years. It was a huge learning experience with one another while we were together. I went through some self-esteem issues that led to trust issues, etc. But I’m healed from them, now, and I’d like to give it another shot. But he’s too scared to be hurt, again. I did that to him, a lot, and it wasn’t intentional- but it still hurts. I really do love him, despite everything, and I know that he hates that he loves me, because he says it so often. That’s just one situation we’ll have to get through. But in the back of my mind, I know that we’re meant to be together. As much as either of us try to deny it, simply because we are so young.

                I sat there crying last night, because his best friend was telling me that I was lying about this. I told him because I wanted him to help the father, since their such good friends. He’s also worried because his mom is 8 months pregnant, right now! I hated telling him, because I know that once he realizes this is happening, it’ll tear his world apart. He’s such a good guy and I can’t stand to hurt him. But I’m selfish and I need him so much to be with me.

                I’m really anxious to tell my mom, as well. I’ll post how it went. She’s just so happy, right now. She got this new Nikon camera today(really expensive), because my dad got a raise because they got some new business. This is going to crush her. I’ve been such a "good" abd responsible daughter, lately. It seems as though I’ve gotten through my dramatic teenage hate the world phase and now I’m the peacemaker in the house, lol. Anyways, I know that my brother supports me. He always checks on me and asks if I need anything. So, it does feel nice to have someone there.

                Thanks again you guys.


                  Now I’m totally freaking out… what if I have a misscarriage? What if I’m not actually pregnant? It’s so hard to believe…

                  I am worrying myself to death. I just want to go get an ultrasound and hear that the baby is okay. Miscarriages are so common! I’d be devastated if I had one. As much as this is going to be hard, I want my baby to be born and healthy. How do you stop the worrying?

                  I can’t even remember the last time my boyfriend and I had sex! It’s worrying me half the death. I am now thinking, because we broke up a month and a half ago or so, that we had sex and conceived in April, of which I got my period, and then I had a miscarriage.

                  Help! I’m worrying myself to death, now. I really just want to be assured that I have a baby that’s healthy, so far, with an ultrasound ASAP. I hate being anxious. :unsure: :angry: πŸ™ :S


                    Hey, Autumn. πŸ™‚

                    It’s nice to see someone so close in age to me. I’m turning 14 in July. I felt like the odd one out even with other young mothers, with almost everyone else at least 16 or older.

                    Anyway, I feel like you do. I’m scared that I’m either not pregnant or am doing something to hurt the baby unintentionally. I’m also nervous about telling my parents. My mom and dad aren’t great with controlling their anger, for one thing. I also don’t want to disappoint my extended family, who I honestly care more about than my parents and whose opinions I value beyond anyone else’s. Since I’ve always been the responsible, smart one who would never get into trouble.

                    So… if you ever want to talk, I’m here. πŸ™‚ And try not to think about it too much. I try not to either. I feel like it jinxes it. πŸ˜›


                      Hey autumn!

                      congrats on the pregnancy (haha since noone else is saying it!) dont worry i felt the same way when i found out first i was in denial for a month then me and my bf check and it came back positive. its hard enough at 19 to find out so i salute u for being responsible about this pregnancy at 14!
                      I didnt believe that there was a baby in me until my first ultrasound. im still like omg.. i cant believe this and im 6 months and feel it kicking. dont worry so much about the miscarrying. It could happen but the more stress you bring urself the worst it is for your health so try and stay calm
                      your parents will come around just break it to them gently. and be prepared for anger if it comes.
                      About your ex bf and his friend.. his friend is just trying to get you upset for some reason dont let it get to you.
                      I hope it all works out and keep posted on your situation! i want to know how it goes with your parents and such good luck xoxox


                        When they confirmed the pregnancy by bloods etc. Do you get a referral thing to get a dating ultrasound?
                        Thats what happens in AUS anyway.


                          Well, I think that’s how it regularly goes down here, also. But since I’m young, my doctor wanted to keep me from the most possible needles, lol. So he just went ahead and did an ultrasound. It was so weird because he was talking about how they may have to do an internal one- but the baby picked up right away! The hearbeat did, too. By measuring the baby, he estimated that I was about 9 weeks and 2 days. Now I’m about 11 weeks and 3 days. I believe that I’m farther along though because the heartbeat was so strong and clear. They also did a few blood tests on me for STDS, etc. which wasn’t really necessary because I’ve only been with one guy, who has only been with me. They got me on prenatal vitamins ASAP and I have my next appointment in a week, actually. I’m pretty excited to get out of the first trimester. :s

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