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      Okay if there anyone with irregular cycles maybe you can help me out!!

      I have irregular cycles for ex. i had one december none in january an one end of febuary !! now that mean i wasnt post to get one at the end of march first of april an i did which if very different for me but im not sure if it was my cycle me and my boyfriend have had sex unprotected numerous times an he hasnt pulld out either!! &&there was something different about this cycle too!!! The first two days were normal then it just stoped an was very very light an ended soo even thought it was barely there it was a total of 4 days its usually 6 an i had a couple sharp shootin pains in my lower stomach i never have any kind of pain during my cycle no cramps or anything![luckly] soo i dnt noo if this could have been my cycle or something else then all off a sudden today(4/13/09} a week or so after this strange cycle i went to the restroom an there was lite blood after i wiped!…werid….soo idk wat is goin on i havent been extremely tired tho just lay around but i do that all the time durin the day!! i have had an increase in my eattin habits tho i could go hours w/o eattin b4 but now im always hungry!! i go to the doc on the 28th i dont know if i should ask for blood work or not!!! any advice would help do u thnk i could b pregnant??? or just over reacting???:S


        You should definitely get a blood test. Let us know what the results are, ok?


          I think you should go to the doctor and get a blood test there is a chance you can be pregnant. Good luck

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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