Ultrasound in 21 hrs! Will this help me decide?

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      I just wanna say thank you to everyone who posted me back, all of you say i should keep and i want to, both of us do. but financially how could we do it? my ultrasound is tomorrow!! i want my boyfriend to come with me so hopefully his boss will give him an hr off work, itd be good for him to see and understand a lil more by seeing and hearing OUR baby…..

      I keep crying thinking about termination, im so scared, ive read stories and i dont wanna regret it forever, i just need to have a good hard think. I want this baby. I just need a lil security! LIKE WINING THE LOTTO!!


        As i said before i hope you do make th right choice. You will regret it for the rest of your life if u were to terminate and i dont think you would want that. It would be good for your bf to be there to see the baby, ad it might even change his mind too. I tell everyone that you dont need alot of money to keep a baby, people think that baby’s cost heaps to look after, they dont. They need your love and thats the most.


          Okay, i kno when i had my termination last Nov. I felt the same way. I wasnt workin a steady job and the father was stressing me out. I cried everynight and day. I regret my abortion so much. I just found out that i am pregnant again. I refused to kill another baby. Im still financially unstable but i kno that life will be okay. I will have my baby and my boyfriend is supporting me all the way. I even told my mom. I just think that u need to take a moment and think about it. Its hard to want to abort after seeing ur little peanut on the screen. I cried and smiled. I still have the print out. Just plz think about it. So many girls i kno regret havin gone thru with the abortion. Very Few regret their babies. Message me @ anytime….good luck with your decision.


            If you think about it, No one is every really financially ready for a baby. It takes some struggling but things come together. I lost my first baby, then I got pregnant again a year later, my boyfriend was laid off from work, I didnt work because my Dr put me out, he said I couldnt work. I had nothing for the baby. My mom went and bought me a few things I needed to get started after I had the baby. Some of my friends had friends who had babies and they gave alot of things. I also went to consignment shops. I would have never considered abortion. Just think about this.. You have 9 months to prepare yourself..

            (You may never be financially ready!)



              u know that if ur going to terminate the pregnancy it’s not a good idea to get an ultra sound….it will make you choose not to do it because you will hear the heartbeat and see the little one and fall in love with it…when i heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time i almost cied, and i did on the inside, i was so happy, i wouldn’t change being pregnant and 17, because it is what God wanted…these things happen for a reason, and God has a plan for us all and wouldn’t let bad things happen to us unless they led to a greater good….so just think about giving ur baby life like u have lived….

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