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      On the day i missed my period (4th of sept) i had a doctor apt for my HPV vaccine, i also took a pregnancy test – negative.

      its the 8th and still no period. i keep in my mind that im not pregnant and its just late for some werid reason so i dont stress out. i try not to think about it.

      but its hard to ignore my period being this late. i knoww its not thhatt late but the latest its ever been was a 33 day cycle. this would be a 34 day cycle if it stated sometime today. and my nipples are fall off! not litterally but there so sore. boobs too. and i wake up in the middle of the night to pee. that never used to happen. if i drinka glass of water at a resturant i pee 3 times there.

      hopefully this is just ALL in my head.


        Sounds like another test might be worth doing. If thats negative and still no period, go to the dr for a blood test to find out for sure.


          It is possible that your subconscious will create those symptoms because you realize and might be scared that you are pregnant.

          I would go for a blood test, dear.


            I too think you should try to take another test. Hiding from it is not going to make it go away, your just going to drive yourself more crazy. Best of luck. Jessica


              I would definitely take another test if you havent started in a few days. EPT have worked the best for me! lol Its good not to stress yourself out about it, (something i have a hard time doing) but you have to think about it some silly. I have to get a blood test done on the sixteenth. Scary! but if your tests come out negative you should get a blood test done too. They are supposedly the most accurate. Good luck!


                Wait a week and take another test. Keep doing it. I didn’t find out that I was pregnant until 9 weeks, that’s about 2 missed periods, and actually I did have implantation bleeding.

                Good luck and keep us updated! 😀

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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