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      im 16, i want a baby badly!! I have a job and feel prepared, i will graduate in 2010…I can do this!!! My boyfriend and I have been talkin about it…Help? advice?


        Hun, if you really want a baby than go ahead and finish school, get married and go for it!
        It’s really tough to go through school pregnant or with a newborn.
        My advice would be to wait till next June after you graduate.
        But if you can’t wait than get married now and go ahead. Just make sure that you are ready to take responsibility for your actions.


          Well, Actually I think i’m going to get pregnant in September 2009. I will be a CNA and have the baby in june, i could take summer off and be with the baby then go to work in september…I mean, ok, I know everyone’s concerned about the economy, but this is my choice and I want to have a baby 🙂 Thanks!


            My friend, it is your choice, but I would encourage you to make the best choice for your child. Research shows that children who grow up with parents who are married are more likely to succeed in life. Children whose parents are living together or even in a strong loving relationship do not flourish as well as those whose parents are married.

            You owe it to yourself as well as your future child to get married first. You will never regret it.

            I am so grateful for my parents. They were definitely in love, but they were in love with my sister and me before we were even born. They loved us so much they wanted to give us the best. They waited until they were married until they had my older sister. I will always be so thankful that they sacrificed what they wanted right here and now for the long-term happiness of my sister and me. That is the definition of what being a parent means.


              i’m not mad at any of your replies…

              I grew up with my mom and my dad being divorced since I was six months old, My mom had at least 7 different boyfriends through me growing up and I can honestly say

              I AM HAPPY!!!

              I’m willing to scream it over my town!

              Even though we don’t have money
              or a greatly functioning family
              I can say that my brothers and I
              are truelly impressed with our life!!

              I mean, Marriage is a paper that is signed
              and a ring on a finger and vows being said…

              (BTW) My boyfriend and I are getting engaged this summer!!! And will be married in June 2010.

              and these aren’t for sure plans about the baby or the marriage, but we will be engaged this summer!!!

              Thanks for your guyses advice!!!
              I appreciate it!


                I’m glad that you are enjoying your life! 🙂
                It is better to wait to have a baby until you’re married though!

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