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      So im currently, 8 weeks and 4 or 5 days pregnant. On monday, I told my mother. I have Autoimmune Hepatitis and when I told her she was like NO YOU CANT KEEP IT YOUR HEALTH. I’m like ma, I havent had a flare up of my sickness in 8 years. My liver functions are normal and I can have a happy normal pregnancy. But she wont listen. She made an apointment with my gasterologist, who is acting like she is my mother. She told my mom she doesnt want to talk to me because shes too upset. well shes not my mom she needs to do her job and be my doctor, but thats besides the point. So that appointment is on friday. So im missing class. And she told me I might be out on Monday because I guess she already scheduled the abortion. It makes me laugh inside because if my doctor says it only holds a tiny risk, not a Life threatening risk like my non-doctor mother keeps saying, im not signing anything and she will be having a grandchild. Because I’m sure my health is not her main concern. Too bad my baby doesnt seem to be any type of concern to her. Or my mental health. I swear if she forces me into this she’ll regret it because she wont every hear from me again. I mean i’ve done my research, I can have a healthy pregnancy and a normal child. But she doesnt want to hear it. And im just tired of her crap. Well i’m sorry. I had to vent a little bit. Any thoughts.

      I promise myself

        Hi There,

        WOW i actually got stomach pains from your story! Why on earth would you doctor act like a child – because if you ask me thats what she is doing. If Iw as in your shoes, I would seek another doctor who is not emotional about your health – really dont settle for one opinion – and BTW your mom shouldn´t make this choice for you – its your life and the life of your baby – it would be selfish of her to want to take this life. Please dont go thru with this until you have seen a different doctor and got atleast a second opinion – it sounds like you really want this child your mind is in the right place! Please keep me posted! Chin up!


          hey well its not ur mums business if u want this baby u should have it and as long as it can have a normal life and stuff i dont see there being any problem and ur mum cant make u have an abortion if u dont want to tell her its not her choice to make and tell ur doc that if she doesnt treat u like any other patient that u will find another doctor. if u want to talk just let me no.:)


            It’s too bad that your Mom is giving you such a hard time! Remember, she can NOT force you into an abortion.
            I think that you should try another doctor. If this one is emotionally involved she may not be able to give you sound medical advice.
            From what I have read it would seem that (like you said ) you can have a healthy pregnancy and a normal child. So don’t let your mother OR your doctor force you into having an abortion. And if your doctor does advise it, go to someone else and get another opinion.
            By the way, how old are you?
            Good luck! I hope that everything works out!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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