Two Abortions…Pregnant agian…Keeping this one.

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      :dry: Me and Derek (my current boyfriend now of 5 years) were young. We got together when i was 14 and he was 15 and became sexually active. Now im 18 (almost 19) and hes almost 20. Hes the only person i have ever been with. Hes the only person that would have been the father of my children.

      It seems like my life went down hill ever since i first got pregnant back in 2005 when i was 16. My parents made it a living hell. And to make a long story short i was forced to get an abortion, Now i know most of you are thinking " your not forced to do anything… that was your baby ….you didnt have to give it up". Well the reality of the situation was to either abort or give this child a horriable life. I choose what was best.

      Thinking the horror was over, i prepared my self for the future and started birth control. I didnt want to even go through that agian. Well the doctors say birth control is 99% affective. Thats a lie. I took it every single day. I got pregnant. Agian. 8 months after my previous abortion. I was 17 at this point. I felt like god was punishing me. My parents were divorcing. Every single last one of my "so called" friends stabbed me in the back. I felt alone. Yes, Derek was there, but not in the way that i needed him. My parents hated me. High school was going down the drain. At 5 weeks pregnant, i decided to get another abortion. Another emotional battle i had to take but i wanted sumwhat of a life for me, and a decent life i could give to my child.

      Derek and I decided to not have sex for a while. We figured that was the only true way of not getting pregnant. It was hard. Trust me. Sometimes i thought the urges were going to take over my body. But overall i was ok. Until now. In the beginnig of december 2006, i was having rough times with my family and so was Derek. A few of his family members passed away and both our worlds were just turned upside down. It was a vulnerable moment. I guess when they say "it only takes one time" there not lying. Cause it happened. Im pregnant. For the third time.

      Now…18 weeks pregnant. I go to find out what it is nxt week. This time around somthing told me not to abort this baby. Of coarse i thought that b4 when i gave up my other two, but this was just diffrent. Im 18. I moved out of my parents house and now live with Derek. Things are diffrent. Its so hard trying to afford things and everyday seems like somthing new comes up to make life more difficult. But its worth it. I have a little life inside of me. Im going to be a mommy. Im happy and horrified. But me and Derek are trying to pull things together and give this baby the best life we can give it.

      My life; it feels like ive been in a dark cave for years. Mabey this little miracle is the light that ive needed all along.

      – Christina


        hi hunni

        your story is amazing and i dont no how you have coped, i totaly agree with you about the abortion my parents forced me into having one and it was the worst thing i have ever gone through.

        i hope everything goes well wih you and the baby
        :side: xx


          Awesome, Congrats 🙂 I promise your child will be worth it. Let us know if it’s a boy or a girl, ok?


            Hi I came across your comment here and I also had 2 abortions and after found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time!!! I carried my daughter to 6 months but had a devistating misscarriage!They did an autopsy on my daughter and could not find anything wrong she was healthy and growing normally they later found out it was me I had an incompatent cervix due to the abortions wich fu**** up my body and later doctors told me I could never have kids!! I was with the father for 5 yrs and later broke up and I am now with my fiance and we have been together for over 4 yrs he is alot older than me he is 31 and I am 19 he wanted kids and that was something doctors told me I wouldnt be able to give him WELL they were wrong I now have a beutiful baby girl named Amy who is going to be 2 in June and I am pregnant with another baby girl who is due in May.. It still hurts to talk about abortions and I regret it so much now that I have my daughter I think about the babies I gave up and it hurts to think I could have had my babies they are humans to they laugh they giggle and they cry but they are humans to if you ever need to talk or need some advise u can add me to msn your making the right choice girl!! Enjoy your pregnancy enjoy ur baby and enjoy life after because it only gets better!!


              Hi my name is Crystal
              Well while i was looking at your sad story i was thinking to myself how could your own parents force you into having a abortion. what kind of parents are they. They must didn’t care about your feelings and thats sad but always remember what goes around comes around. somethings gonna happen and their gonna need you and gonna ask for your help and lets see what they say when you refuse to help them and how they are goona feel.
              Just some advice make the right choice and i hope your pregenacy goes well write me back when you get a chance. peace out.


                i’m so happy that u’ve decided to keep this baby…every little one is a miracle and is precious, and i wish u all the best…


                  i had one abortion then got pregant 4 months later i couldn’t go through it again so i decied to keep it!


                    I too have had past abortions at the tender age of 15 and17 forced upon by myparents. Now I am a 32 yr old woman whom works with a Christian pregnancy center
                    Here is the reality I haden’t known until years after the fact:
                    Legally, no one can force you to have an abortion.In fact,

                      forcing a minor to have an abortion is child abuse

                    .If you tell the doctor that someone else is forcing you into this decision, he or she will not perform the abortion.


                      this is the most amazing stroy i have read on this site in quite some time. i give you the utmost respect and wish mothing but happiness and memorable times in yur new life to come. best of luck with the baby and derek. you seem so strong and so brave to have to have made those desicions, and i understand completely when you say that you were forced, so was i… thank you for making my day, good luck to you and yours. if you ever need to talk im here! email me anytime


                        im glad your keeping this baby, after 2 abortions it must be really really really hard 🙁 im sorry for your losses. i truely am
                        i hope this pregnancy is better, good luck to both of you!


                          Aw! That’s really good you’re keeping your baby. I’m pro-choice,but I do understand how abortions can affect a woman for the rest of her life,and i really think this is the right thing to do. Times will be tough,but I’m sure you’ll make a fantastic mum. Good luck:)


                            im so happpy for…my story is similar except i didnt get pregant the third time and i told myself that if i ever did again i wont get an ABORTION…no way..


                              Thats sad that ur parents forced you to do something you didnt want to do. They should have supported you but thats in the past and i congradulate you on this pregnancy. Keep us updated for sure… its always good to hear nice stories:) Glad to hear that ur b/f has stuck by you too!


                                I know how you must feel becasue i had been pregnant and my mother literally forced me to have an abortionthree months ago. she kicked me out and i wanted to leave and go with my father – she didn’t even want me there. my mother did not want me in the same island as her and told me to leave by the next day. And at the end of the day she tricked me, she told me that i was going to drink a pill and wait for me period and being an ididot i trusted her. when i got there i lay on the table thinking i was going to get an examination but my mother came and held down my hands and feet as they did the procedure. of course i was too week to push her away and my baby was taken from me. i would move to uranus if i had to-just to keep my baby alive. abortion hurts and i am happy for you. i hope that you have a healthy baby and i will pray that God will provide for your family.


                                  Glad to hear your not letting anyone tell you what to do now


                                    isnt that illegal? how old are you?? thats really f*cked up. I’d like kill my mom for that not really but id deff never have anything to do with her again wowwww


                                      my parents want me to get an abortion or put my baby up for adoption but nothing they say will ever force me to do it! I am strong and i know it :] so far im almost 12 weeks :]


                                        my parents tried to say they wouldnt have anything to do with me, i got into an argument with my dad in the car and he said that he’d drive me to the clinic and make me get it done… but honestly i see underneath his anger and his misunderstanding of my beliefs, and i know my parents love me but i have to make my own decisions, and im keeping my baby.


                                          You are a very brave person, congratulations on doing the hard (but right) thing and offering an innocent child the chance to live. We are all here to support you when you need it 🙂


                                            Hi hun im new to this site im 14 in 2 wks n ive just found out im pregnant … Again !!! this is the second time ive been n the 1st time i misscarried when i was 4 months pregnant no one even knew i was exept a few friends.
                                            I know just how u feel u reli jst gotta remember u r not alone!!!
                                            Im 8 weeks pregnant today n reli scared any advice ???

                                            XxX Aimee XxX

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