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      My boyfriend proposed to me on Friday (my 25th birthday), found out I was pregnant on Sunday and found out it was TWINS on Tuesday…I don’t know how we are going to afford this…we already have a 2 year old and we’re barely making it now…we both work full time jobs and I alone, work 50 hours a week and I rise at 4am every am I going to do this??? I feel so so so sick already and now I’m so scared that I’ll lose one or both…I can’t stop researching and all I find are negative things!! I can’t sleep enough and I get sick constantly…is anyone else out there pregnant with twins?? I’m completely freaked out and I don’t know if I can make it…


        I am 27, have a 3 yr old and my hubby is deployed to Iraq for 12-18 months and I am 33 weeks with twins. Your boyfriend is sticking with you that alone is worth praise! If you don’t calm down and take care of yourself you could do more harm thatn good. I am forutnate to have lots of family support while my hubby is gone or I would go crazy. I am scared for my husband and these babies but I can’t let that overpower me. Every thing will work out some how for you. They say god never gives us more that we can handle, sometimes you say yea right to that, but I had a horrible misscarriage before this pregnancy and then he blessed me with two babies at one time during one the hardest times in my life, being the 2nd tour for my hubby I am scared everyday for so many things. Look around in your area for help and lean on family if you can, but most of all keep calm hard as that sounds and take care of yourself or you’ll end up in the hospital so much sooner that you should and really be in trouble.


          I am also a mother carrying twins. I found out a month after finding out I was pregnant that I was having twins. I almost fainted when I found out. for lack of better words It felt bitter sweet. I was scared, happy, excited, nervous, a bit of everything. Im 33 weeks also.
          I think it all came down to money. How will we afford twins, and just buying a new home that became too small over night. Oh boy. Both my husband and I work full time jobs, and I have 2 other children 14 and a 9 year old.
          Its scarry, I drove myself crazy for months, then I realized this is how I felt with my second and it all worked out. I guess what Im trying to say is that when they come we’ll learn to do things differently to get thru and pray to the Lord to help us thru the days ahead. God does know what he does. We are the chosen few to have this blessing of twins and even if you have doughts for every negative thought think of something possitive. Try to change that around yourself in your mind and heart.
          As far as things for the babies ask around find out where there’s a twin get together in a church or something in your community it will help you thru it and also if someone is done with their baby stuff im sure they’ll pass it on to you. I got all hand me downs from mothers with twins and let me tell you it helps.
          God Bless you. ( it will be fine)


            Hi- I am a 33 yr old mother of one, who just turned 5 and 19 weeks pregnant with twins (boy & girl). I think that no matter how much $ you have or how big your house is you would still have that feeling of "Oh my God" how are we going to do this? It is natural for us mothers to get overwhelmed because we know better than anyone else what we are in for. I agree that God will get you through it. It probably won’t be easy but it will all work out… It Has Too!
            All I can say is this pregnancy is nothing like the first one was and I am very nervous because after going through my first pregnancy and labor I always thought that the next would be so easy and its not. I can’t believe how big I am, how out of breath, and how terrible sleeping is. Any of you feeling the same way?

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