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      The docter miscauculated big time! I was a month less pregnant then he thought. And behind the first baby was another one. A week ago I went into labor and delived my babies by c-section. The first girl Olivia Faith weighed 5IBs and my second little girl weighted 4IB 5ou. I am still in shock. My mom said that I can keep them but only for a year while I find a good familiy. OH god I love them so so so much. I am bringing them home today. Against all odds they are both healthy.! I will post some pictures for you.!


        Kayla im very glad you and your babies are happy and healthy.


          Congrats mama! i wish u all the best.


            Oh that’s so exciting! Congratulations! 🙂 Thanks for telling us!

            I really hope that everything works out for the best as far as keeping them or giving them up!


              I am glad that you are so happy, but when I read this, it honestly sounded like a child talking about two puppies she found. I am not sure how old you are, but it concerns me that your mother expects you to give up your children after raising them for a year. If you are in no situation to take care of children, you should really be the adult and ask your parents to help you so you can keep your children. Otherwise, it will be probably a harder thing to give up your children after raising and loving and being their mother for a year. I can only hope that if you are in no position to take care of them on your own, that in this time your mother will change to love them and want to help you hang on to them. Well goodluck


                That is very exciting! But it is very sad that youre mother has the power to decide if you keep your children or not. I hope you find another way if you want to keep your babies. Good luck. And congratulations on your daughters!


                  That is great to hear Kayla. Good luck and God bless.



                    I don’t understand why you are giving them up for adoption… especially after a year, though. I think that you should take responsibility for your two little girls and give them more than that. They aren’t just there, they are living human beings who need love and care.


                      Its not that I want to give them up. I just turned fifteen and my mother is making me.


                        She can’t make you do anything with YOUR babies, because they are just that- yours.


                          congrats on your twin girls! 🙂

                          i have a question.
                          were you really showing at about 9 weeks?
                          because i am quite big for 9 weeks.. i have a midwife appointment in less than 2 weeks..
                          and i can’t help but thinking i could be carrying twins.
                          my boyfriend has 4 sets of twins in his family.. and it goes in certain generations, and he falls into the generation who could have twins.
                          i am just curious.
                          i started getting symptoms at 2 weeks.. i found out at 3 weeks.
                          anyone have any ideas?
                          x x


                            Hey, Mummytobe_x, just wanted to let you know that twins do not run through the guy’s family. They run from Mom to daughter because it happens (at least with fraternal twins) because your body will release two eggs instead of one. But you still could be carrying twins. 🙂

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