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      Hi There

      Just a quick question for you all……………
      My husbands father is a twin. On this fathers side of the family there are twins everywere!!!! Each twin has had a set of twins themselves except my husbands father!

      Are twins decided by the female or male, as i keep getting mixed opinions. I cant really remember my biology classes in school!! I think as the twin gene has missed out my husband and his brother that they may pop out in our children. I have no history of Twins on my side of the family.

      So i’m kinda scared that when we do get pregnant it may be twins, any advice will be greatful!!



        Anyone have any ideas?????


          well I think God is the One who truly decides on that one 🙂 but the chances of you having twins is pretty good with your husbands genes. All I know about twins is that in some families they skip a generation. so if his dad dint he might 🙂 So dont be shocked if it happens 🙂 …..Meg


            i know that twins runs in my husbands family..on both his mom and dads sides…in his dad’s first marriage he had twins…and twins skip a generation in his WE are the ones due up to have twins!…..luckily i’m only having one!…lol


              We have Twins that run in our family as well… I guess it all depends if you were "made" to have Twins or not… you might have triplets! Smile.



                i learned in my science class last year that having twins depends on the womans family twin history not the mans.. im assuming that this information is correct but you never know


                  its the female side! bc you have to have TWO eggs! and most women only produce one! so dont freak


                    Sometimes twins come from two eggs two sperm (fraternal twins) other times they come from one egg one sperm and the egg divides differently and becomes twins either that or its one egg and two sperm (something like that) but that is when they are identical (same dna)


                      Thank you all for your response!! I still don’t think that its one to rule out!!! All the twins born in this family it has always been the males history which brings in the twins as the females don’t have any history of it happening!!! I shall let you all know when and if it happens!!!! LOL. Jenna xxx


                        ohhh shtt u all say tht lt runs ln the womans sde. twns run ln the famly!! whatlf lts twns ???wot ma gonnaa doo.

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