Turning 14 soon.. & I might be pregnant.

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      So here’s my story–

      In the early part of June, I went on vacation with my boyfriend, Bailey, and his fa mily and a couple other families to a place in Utah called Lake Powell. We had a blast, we were cautious about what we did even though we’ve never been sexually active and we don’t plan to be soon either. But, on June 11 the ride home from Lake Powell we got a little crazy, he was fingering me and i was giving him a hand job.

      The day we got back I was supposed to start my period, but guess what? Its about 3 weeks later and I missed my period. Me and Bailey are both scared we can’t remember if he touched himself while he was ejaculating and then touching me after. Even though my cherry didn’t pop I researched on the web that there’s a slight chance you could get pregnant but with my luck I could be pregnant right this second.

      I’m turning 14 in August, I start high school in August also and there’s a possibility of me being pregnant. Great, now what? Bailey tells me to live life until we finally figure out the answer. I don’t dare go to Target and get a pregnancy because I’m scared of what people will think when they see me go to the check out stand with a pregnancy test in hand.

      I’ve been getting slight pain in my back like period cramps, but I haven’t gotten any bleeding, I’m sleeping till almost noon everyday and I have a feeling my mom has some sort of idea that there’s a possibility that I could be pregnant.

      I took the pregnancy calculator on here and I think I am pregnant. Because the day I conceived was June 11, and that was the day we left Lake Powell and when things got crazy. If I am, I’m 3 weeks and 3 days along today (July 5). The due date is March 3, 2011.

      On Friday, July 1, 2010 I hung out with Bailey. I told him about all the research that I have done on the web and that there’s a possibility I could be pregnant. My periods have always been irregular, but I’ve never gone this long without one even though I know girls my age miss periods every so often, but I think I’m pregnant.

      And I have no clue how to tell my parents, how my relatives will accept me and how God will accept me now. I’m going to be a disgrace to my parents, I snuck behind their backs doing stuff a 13 year old girl shouldn’t be doing.

      Even though I haven’t been having morning sickness or dizziness, I still don’t know what to think, I some nights I can’t sleep at night but when I fall asleep it’s around 2 and I sleep until noon almost everyday, and all I can think about is me and Bailey’s future, i might be pregnant and I have no clue what the hell I’m supposed to do.

      One thing’s for sure, I’m not keeping the baby and I’m not a believer in abortion, so my only choice? Adoption.

      I’m about to step into Hell.

      Oh boy. If I am, God please send me a sign and help me through this journey of this pregnancy.


        im 12 years old and turning 13 in august and i concieved about the time u did with my boyfriend but not quite three weeks ago and i know a tweleve year old should not be doing tht and i hope ur not pregnant and never do give ur virginity away especially this young i learned the hard way i mean when a guy says they love u when u have been in a relationship for a long time wouldnt u believe them?!?!? and u do stupid things like unprotected sex and he ejucaulated inside me and we broke up today so i hope u to work out and tht ur not prego but we r in kinda the same situation but the kinda funny thing is our babies would be like born around the same time haha sorry

        and i know u dont know me im mackenzie
        we will get through it


          The best thing you can do for your health and the baby’s(if you are pregnant) is to tell your mom or an adult you trust about how you are feeling and what happen.she can help you get the test and go from there.i know making that decision and telling her is hard and seems like the last choice :(but its the best thing to do. just know im here and praying for you!!! :side:


            Thanks ladies for all your love support and comments. I’m thinking about telling my mom, but I’m not quite sure how to do it. And one of these days I might ride my bike to Target or Walmart. I just hope I can get the courage to tell my mom about this.

            But what if it’s a false alarm and I’m not pregnant? Then me and Bailey wont be able to be trusted alone. I wish I waited and didn’t give in, but what can I do now? I’ll just keep praying for strength and a good open mind about life and relationships from now on.


              you telling your mom will help you in both situations! 🙂 if you are pregnant she can help you get to the doc and all that. if not, she will watch out for you and Bailey,that way it wont happen again. you are soooo young this experience/scare whichever it may be is a learning step. saving yourself for marriage is the best thing you can learn out of this 🙂 waiting till youre married is like waiting for your favorite movie to come out on DVD, but once its time to buy it youre excited for it cause you have waiting so long and have been patient! same is true for marriage, yes it is a long way of to wait, but there is a huuugee blessing in only giving yourself to one man!! 🙂

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