Tubes tied or Hysterectomy

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      I have had 3 kids and all of them didnt survive. I was wandering if I should have a hysterectomy or hve my tubes tied. I just dont think i can handle going through another pregnancy and delivery and then losing my child. What should I do?


        Your so young hun! I don’t think you should do either. Honestly most doctors won’t even let you so either one of the two until you are a certain age. If I was you I would talk to my doctor. There are so many types of north controll. They even have ones you get and new have to worry about. If u could avoid getting pregnant for awhile in a few years you would still have the chance to try again. If you get your tubes tied or a hysterectomy you will NEVER be able to have kids again. What if in a few years you are happily married and u desided you want kids? You won’t be able to do that. If your scared you would lose another child you can talk to your doctor. They can help you get pregnant and everything once your older 🙂 what do the people in your support system think? What about your boyfriend? Talk to your doctor and get all the information you can! It’s a big decision!


          I really dont have a support system. I am pretty much by myself thru everything except one unt of mine. She has helped me a good bit.


            I just ont know what to do. Eventually i do want more kids but i dont want to have to bury another child. I am just scared and lost.

            Alice Cooper

              Have you discussed about this with your partner. I would suggest that before having a hysterectomy, it is important to discuss other possible treatments with your doctor. Because a hysterectomy will stop your periods, and you will no longer be able to get pregnant in future. And if the surgery removes both ovaries, you will enter menopause. Hence this is a crucial decision which shouldn’t be taken in a hurry under any stress. Give time to yourself and go for a complete treatment.

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