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      Hello everyone! I’ve been on the pill for a couple of years and about a month ago stopped taking it because my husband and I decided to try to have a baby FINALLY! I took an ovulation test yesterday and it had a smily face. I knew that I would be ovulating this weekend because my cycle is dead on so my husband and I have been having sex everyday for the past three days to ensure that there is alway sperm there for when the egg decided to make its appearance. I have spoken with my doctor but he doesn’t make much sense to me because he is foreign so I don’t know much about pregnancy. Since I am ovulating today, if the egg is fertilized, when should it implant? I know that you have to wait until the first day of your missed period to test, but I am really wondering what to expect. I’m completely ignorant when it comes to this stuff. Please help. I want a baby soooo badly. I’ve wanted one since I was 18 (now 25) and have been with my now husband since I was 14. We waited because of our careers and now we think it’s finally time. Please give me some advice.


        Hmm… well, I’m not exactly sure. I know that when you concieve, the embryo is 2 weeks old at that time. This website has tons of information if you look around… or google is always an answer!

        Good luck and wish you the best. 🙂 Remember, when trying to concieve… be patient!


          hey well u could jus take a blood test wen u notice u miss ur n it will giv u accurate info where as a preg test COULD onlt show possitiv after 3-4 weeks, good luck!! o n awso watch out 4 the pregnancy signs, dizzines, sore boobz, nausea etc etc


            Not sure of the medical mumbo jumbo and im sure you could drive yourself crazy with it. I wish you the best of luck. Jessica


              I could give you the answer, but you can read it for yourself on this website.
              (If website doesn’t work, it’s thebabycorner and it’s page 2490)


                I think it takes about 6-12 days to implant??? Look it up but i think its about this time.


                  I’m sorry, I think that my previous comment was posted in the wrong topic!

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