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      ok i just wanted to know i have been having some odd things happing to me this month. i have been eating and turning away foods i dont like and like also i have had to pee more often then normal (being on meds that make you have to pee ever 90 to 110 mins is normalfor me ) but i have had to go like every 30 or so also around the time for my peroid i got sick realy ill like the weak befor i was trowing up and had a high temp and no one new why the doc said it was the flue but he ran a PT any way it came back — but the other doc told me it coudlstill be to early to show now the next weak my period came early and it was more like spoting that is ver odd for me . i went over the things on the site and fidn that i do have a ew of the same things in commen with beign pregnant i was wanting to know if you could be and the test just not showing i thought i ask befor i go out and waist my time and moeny on byeing a home test its only been a month any info woudl be nice


        I’m not a doctor so I don’t know how much help I can be. It sounds like your symptons are similar to early pregnancy symptoms that many women experience. If you had a negative pregnancy test I would guess that you are most likely not pregnant especially since you did have a period the next week. However if it is early in the pregnancy the levels of the HCG hormone which trigger a positive pregnancy test may be in too small levels to trigger a positive response. If you are really worried you could buy another test now. If you decide to wait and your next period isn’t normal you might want to check with your doctor to determine whether you are pregnant and if everything is normal.


          i say go get an E.P.T. better know hen never. you symptoms sound pretty good on the preggo side of things. i don’t remember if you said how long its been since the period thing and takign a PT at the doctors. spotting is normal when the egg implants n all that jazz, so gain you should go get an ept just to make sure.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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