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      So I’ve been with my boyfriend for a while now..we have sex regularly, usually protected.. but we had unprotected sex couple days – 3 days before my expected period. I am on the pill however I didn’t take it the day before that incident – as I was out of town and forgot it at home…. He didn’t “come” inside me …
      My period is late.. I’m 17 – just confused..

      If my period does come – does that mean I’m in the “clear” or could there still be a possibility of pregnancy as it was so close to my expected date of my period?

      Could I be pregnant? What are the chances?

      Any help would be appreciated.


        there’s always a chance of being pregnant when you have unprotected sex, even if you are on the pill…stress does ‘confuse’ yr period, so try and take it easy while you wait for af to show up.
        If you do get yr period, yr probably in the clear, although there is a small possibility that you could still be pregnant.

        My advice would be to take an hpt and put yr mind at ease.

        Good Luck and keep us posted:)


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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