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      Hey, I am 11 weeks pregnant, and I know that pregnant women are usually extremely tired and sleepy. The only thing is I cant sleep at night, and can’t stop eating then. In the morning I have university and can’t get up or end up being so sick that I have to cut my day short. Any suggestions could help, as I cant take sleeping pills. I have tried staying up during the day and it just hasn’t worked. Like I said, ALL suggestions would be very much appreciated.



        i know exactly how you feel.. when i was pregnant i would wake up at like 3 or 4 in the morning and be wide awake and couldn’t be able to sleep but during the day all i wanted to do was sleep.. i thought there was something wrong with me but i guess your in the same boat:)


          Hi. I remember wanting to eat all through out the night also. Try some crackers, and relax yourself. Maybe to a boring movie. I’d talk to your doctor about this.



            i have no idea.Maybe head off to the Doctors to see what they can do coz its no use not getting enough rest!
            I’m 12 weeks pregnant today and all through from 8 wks i get tired at about 4pm..its a pain especially when u have a toddler to run after.
            I hope things sort out for you


              I think your just excited about the baby & cant really get it off your mind & you probably think that you have to eat all of the time just cause your eating for two…but its not really like that…you should try reading like some baby names books 🙂 or watch a really boring movie! lol…sleeping in really cold rooms makes me sleepy…maybe cut up the a/c a little bit 🙂 lol…but I hope you find a way to get more sleep…cuz its needed! 🙂


                Your baby is probably on the opposite schedule of sleeping during the day and keeping you up at night…already!!! I know that it can be hard, but try eating foods that give energy during the day and then having foods like turkey, herbal tea (chamomile) or even warm milk to help you relax at night.


                  thats exactly how i felt until about week twenty and i was also i college. i ended up having to drop out of two classes because i slet through them too many times by mistake. i totally understand what your going through. there wasnt really anything i could do about it. i hope you figure something out though, good luck. by the way my baby is due in 16 days!!!



                    hi, magnesium supliments help me fall asleep, I usualy take half a magnesium supliment pill an hour before I go to sleep. They sell them at most drug stores, but if you go on it make sure to ask your doctor first, since they usualy only recomend 200mg for pregnant women.

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