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      We’re going on a trip to CA in just a few days. Some friends of ours offered to pay for us to come out and see them.
      Only thing is, I’m a little anxious because last time we were out there something embarressing happened… it wasn’t anything horrible, just embarressing. and I really don’t want to see the person again but we’re going to be staying at his house for some of the time.
      Anyone have any ideas of how I can get over this? I feel really stupid. Should I just pretend that it never happened?
      It was just a little thing, honest, so I’m hoping that he won’t remember. 😉


        Well I think it’s kind of hard to give advice without knowing what happened and how well you know this guy and how long ago it was.

        I dwell on everything……every little thing that happens I feel I have to explain and it doesn’t take much for me to be embarrassed. -Jessica


          Hello Kirsty,
          I’m sure if you have some composure and rise above the incident as being just a little thing, then he will see that and not bring it up. Don’t let past embarrasments prevent you from showing your growth in maturity. God has a way of giving us opportunities to do this all the time.

          Good luck and have a wonderful time!!


            Thanks for your replies, Ladies! 🙂


              hey kristy im sure things will be ok. just keep your cool! im sure he’s forgotten about it and moved on by now

              xox Enya


                its kind of hard because we dont know what happened, but im sure you’ll be fine once you get there…just be strong! 🙂

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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