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      I’m currently job searching, and I need advice. My mom has agreed to watch my baby when I’m at work, but I hate the idea of leaving my baby all day, even though it seems like the only way to support myself and the baby. I’m also looking in to working from home, but haven’t found anything legit yet. How did you girls go about being there for your child/children and working to support your family and/or go to school? I know my baby will be in the best of hands. But how did you cope with being away?


        I agree that yes that thought of leaving the baby home and going to work or even school for that matter would be hard. I thought the same thing. If your mom is saying that she will help out take that offer! You save lots of money that way. Leaving my daughter was hard for me too, at two weeks out of the hospital I was back in school from 8am-315pm then at two and a half months I was working from then til 930pm. yes it is hard. and you will miss your baby. But it is all worth it in the end. you need the money to support yourself and your child. Some days it feels like you will never see them at all, but then there is weekends or if you work on weekends then there is the part of the day that you don’t work that you and your baby can hang out. Good Luck, It will all work out in the end.


          i know how you feel its hard to leave the kids, my husbands mom watches the kids while im at school and even though i trust her and i know my kids are well taken care of its still hard to leave them, i cant wait till i graduate so i can be home with them full time like ive always wanted to be.

          It does get easier with time, and i love the fact that my kids are so close to their grandparents.


            One of the options I’ve explored is working at a day care center so that my baby can be with me while I’m at work…


              One of the options I’ve explored is working at a day care center so that my baby can be with me while I’m at work…

              that’s actually a great idea. when i thought i was pregnant, one of the first ideas i had was that i would work at a child care place. that way i could work to support us and bond with baby at the same time. (:


                Hi, I’ve thought about working at a daycare center, but the only jobs I can find pay less than 9 dollars an hour, and I can’t pay rent, car, insurance, etc. with that, and my parents are hinting at me to get out of the house and the baby isn’t even here yet. Having no financial help from anyone but myself, and not being able to fight an international child support battle, it limits the options alot. I’ll look into it though, and maybe something will come up.

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