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      I was just wondering what people’s experiences were/are: when they fell pregnant, did they feel too young to be a mother?
      What about at the moment, do they feel too young or just right?
      Just wondering lol…….


        i got prg when i was 17 my senior yr of HS (2006) i turned 18 in april (2007) had my baby june 2nd 2007…i never felt too young to be a mom, i got treated like it by alot of ppl though…but wut ever…i’m happy, my baby is happy (almost 7months old) and im married to my HS sweetheart (the baby’s daddy)….


          When i was 14 i chose to have an abortion. Part of the reason was that i did not feel ready to become a mother (there were other circumstances around that choice as well though). At 17, i felt happy, ready and was completely devastated when i miscarried. I got pregnant with my daughter not long after my 20th birthday and felt in no way ready to be a mother. I felt too young, didnt feel like i had enough accomplished in life to be a mother. Funny how i felt too young at 20, but old enough at 17. Im now 21 and pregnant again, dont really feel anything. Im pregnant again – it happened – age really isnt a factor for me this time around.


            I am 15 and pregnant and I think that i am too young to have a baby but i am very happy that i am.


              I got pregnant when I was 19 and im gonna be 20 when I have my baby!!!

              I never really felt too young because I wasnt like under 18 when I got pregnant. I partied alot and had a couple of boyfriends so I didnt really feel like I missed out on too much

              Now im 20, (just got married) and about to have my son, I feel pretty darn good :cheer:


                i had mine at 19 which i didnt think was too young, i felt ready but was scared before i gave birth thinking am i going to be able to really do this and same with number 2. It was something i wanted and i didnt care what ppl thought about me.


                  I got pregnant my Junior year of HS when I was 16! I didn’t really feel too young to be a mom but I was really hurt by the fact that the whole school and my family though I was too young! I felt confident though. The only time I felt too young is when my friends wanted me to go out and hang with them and I was too tired or sick to go out, or just because there were certain things you can’t do when you’re pregnant! But I was so happy, so it didn’t matter!

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