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      Does anyone have kids that have tongue tie here?

      My son has it and is now 14mths. They did say at his checkup in the hospital that it would stretch itself but i notice when he pokes his tongue out it goes heart shaped. He still doesn’t really say much.
      He can say

      And thats basically it.
      My 3yo girl said more than this at his age thats why im noticing a difference.
      I feel guilty now for not getting the skin under his tongue snipped but i honestly couldnt have seen that being done to him.


        Hi there!
        My little sister has that. She never got her tongue cut, and she talks fine…
        My Dad got his cut when he was a baby, and then he went through speech therapy as a little kid.
        Neither of them can stick their tongue out, but neither of them have trouble talking.
        In case it makes you feel any better, I’ve heard that it’s normal for children of the same family to start talking at different ages… my little brother didn’t talk till way after the age that my little sister started talking. 🙂


          my son is tounge tied it runs on both sides of our family, currently im waiting for his appontment to have it cut.
          we found it when he was 2 months old and was the reason why i couldnt BF babies use diffent actions with their tounges to bf and bottle feed, use tounge to bf use cheeks to bottle feed.
          I insisted his get cut because its quite bad and their are may reasons to have it done,
          1)it CAN affect thier speech
          2)because they cant lift their tounges over thier teeth it causes dental issues
          3)he has trouble moving food around in his mouth and we have to watch his closely as he chokes easy

          i wasnt impressed with the attidue of our G.P when i first noticed it so insisted on a 2nd opinion by a ped specialist surgon i just wish it was done when he was 2 months old as its a very simple procedure then however i had to wait 6 months for the surgon and now he has to be knocked out for it

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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