told my boss…ouch!

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      Well i had to tell my boss today that i’m pregnant so that i didn’t have to do stuff that would put my babies life in danger.
      He made me feel so bad about it. HE gave me a really dirty look and told me i was too young. I didn’t even get my paychack. I just left. I have never felt so bad!!


        Sweetie, you are not in the wrong here! I can’t believe your boss did that to you. It is none of your boss’ bussiness of your personal life. Your boss should keep their opinion to his/her self about your age of being pregnant. Your boss has no right to make you feel guilty and don’t let your boss have the pleasure of making you feel guilty. Your here and pregnant…so tell your boss to deal with it and get over it. πŸ˜›
        Falon πŸ˜‰


          Ok, well did he fire you? If he did it’s illegal (at least in my state). He can’t fire you just because you are pregnant. That’s so low of him. There’s no need to feel bad, you were/are looking out for a life inside you…why feel bad about wanting to protect it? πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


            how old are you???? well, you no what?? if i were you, I wouldnt worry about what the boss thinks. Because, I mean your going to have this bundle of joy soon…… so none of it should matter.


              how do I check the new posts, I got an e-mail saying someone responded to me, but I don’t know where to check it… :angry:


                Well he’s friends with my fiancee. My fiancee once worked for the same company (but at a different store) and he was actually the one who trained my boss. Mike (my boss) always talks about Jon and about how good of friends they are, etc. That’s why i can’t understand how he could do that. I felt so low, and ashamed!

                And to answer your question i’m 18.


                  Hey I noticed from some of your other posts that you are only 4 weeks along. Im not sure what your job is, but that is a little early to tell your boss. its pretty clear by the way he responded that he does’nt approve, and now he may find a way to fire you. Let me know if you need any help. And tell me what your job is, chances are there is a lot you can still do. Take care.




                    Well i’m a server at a resturant. We have sections. All the sections are numbered. If you are in section with an even numder you are responsible for cleaning silverware through the night. But if you are an odd you have to do glass and ice. This means that you have to fill these huge tubs up with ice and brin out to the serive stations and fill the ice bins. They are very heavy. The glass is on racks (glass cups) and we have to bring them out and stock the service station. They too are very heavy.
                    My last pregnancy needed in a misarriage. At my other job i did ice throughtout the whole thing. I’m sure that’s not why i misacarriaged but i’m sure it didn’t help!
                    This friday i’m shceldued(HOlY spelling.) as a 5 so i need to be switched.
                    I’m not taking any risks this tiome. I can’t go through that again. It was the hardest thing i have ever been through. I’m still trying to "heal."
                    Although once your child dies you never heal from it you only learn to accept the fact that he’s gone.


                      [b]Thats horrible and not fair, when i told my boss i was pregnant at 15 he told me he would set it up so i got maternity leave even though i wasnt 16 and hadnt been working for a full year or full time, but he said he would do anything to help me out and if i needed help he was always there for me.
                      I guess i was just really lucky to have such a nice boss.[/b]


                        I have to tell my boss I’m pregnant still and I’m so scared.. I mean he doesnt really know me b/c i just got the job a couple days ago but im still scared to tell him .. I guess im scared of what he’ll think.. but whatever i guess it really doesnt matter :S

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