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      Did you push your kids to toilet train or let them do it all themself?

      Skye has done an excellant job. I never taught her a thing. I brought the potty after she was about 18mths not thinking much but it was there for her when she wanted to use it.
      She has just watched me on the toilet and i got given one of those seat things for the toilet and it has a step. Now ive got her into knickers during the day and nappies at night, we are still a long way from no nappies at night but she is only 3. I still had nappies overnight until 4yo. She is at the point now where she knows when she needs to go and rushes to the loo and we can make short trips out with undies on(extras just in case)

      Im proud!


        I’m having serious problems toilet training my son. As in serious. He just loves his nappies. I’ve never met a child who WANTS to put on nappies. I bought him nice undies with Bob the Builder on them, so he wears them now, but if I gave him a choice, I know he’d pick the nappies.
        He’s 2 and nearly 5 months, and we have a lot of accidents at home. I keep encouraging him, but it does seem like we have a pretty long road to go….


          kids will know when they are ready, i still have the odd occassion where she see;s me putting a nappy on Jordan and she gets a nappy and i tell her she is a big girl and doesnt need a nappy during the day


            I had an easy time with potty training my little girl. I started her at 15 months and she was completely potty trained (with less than one accident per month) by 18 months. The reason it went by so quickly was because I read this book that completely changed my viewpoint on potty training. It said that back in the old days and even still today in parts of china, kids would be potty trained by the time they were ONE YEAR OLD!! Now, when I read that I was doubtful because all the magazine articles and toddler books say to NOT PUSH IT and WAIT UNTIL THEY SHOW SIGNS OF READINESS. This book said the key is: be consistant. I bought her a toddler potty to start with. Next I formed a routine. I would sit her on the potty first thing in the morning when she woke up, 20 minutes after eating or drinking, everytime I used the restroom, before baths and right before going to bed. I would have her sit for no more than 5 minutes at a time and if she went I told her "good job" and if she didn’t, I told her "okay, maybe next time. tell me if you need to go". I did this EVERY time EVERY day. For the first month or so there were a lot of accidents because we went straight from diapers to panties but after that, she progressed. I reccomend it; it saved a LOT of money on diapers and we didn’t have to go through the terrible twos AND potty training at the same time–which can be really tough.


              My son is FINALLY using the toilet…it is kind of funny how it worked though…Normally when a child bounces between two homes the one that they are at least is the one that causes regression…in our case my son went to stay the weekend with his dad, he came home potty trained!! He has had 3 accidents since Tuesday night when he came home but it is going great and it is nice to not have to bend over to change a diaper all day with this huge belly of mine, hopefully he will be totally done by the time baby is here and my daughter will stay dry through the night…Meg


                Skye is day trained now but i wanna move onto th night time now so that could be fun..haha
                I’m not going to push her as i didnt before. I said to her the other night "do you want to wear knickers to bed" and she said "No, i want a nappy on" so hmmm


                  The hardest child I had to pt is my second son who is now 3 1/2. He is fine during the day, but at night he still has accidents. But with my other kids I’ve learned that shutting them off of liquids about an hour or so before bedtime (and making them go before they get in bed) has cut down the accidents tremendously.

                  He also doesn’t mind one bit in wearing the pull-ups to bed. So I’m working on encouraging him to not wear them at night.


                    i am still pregnant so i havent potty trained my bby yet but i am going to let her do it when she is ready my mom did the same thing with me. i mean isnt that what i am supposed to do?


                      i guess you could say i tried to push my son to use the potty. i started tring when he was about 18 months and he just wasn’t ready. now he is 26 months and he’s using the potty more regularly but he still has accidents.

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