toddler constipation

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      Hey there ladies,
      here is the thing… my daughter will be 2 very soon. She eats fine during the day, drinks alot of fluids (including water) and still wears a diaper. But she is constipated all the time! I tried putting her on the potty on a regular schedule a while back and that is when it all started. I have stopped for about 3 months now, but she is still so scared to go #2!! It hurts my poor baby so bad πŸ™ I have tried over the counter laxatives already, but do any of you know some home-remedies that could help her when she is in so much pain??

      I never really worried about it too much, sometimes it would take her about 4 days! But I read in a magazine that it could be life threating because the intestines get twisted up. Ofcourse it’s no common but it has been known to happen.

      Any help would be great:side:



        The best thing I can think of at her age is either prune juice or a natural fiber source like nutrigrain bars, you can always check with her pediatrician too for more advice, my son was constipated all the time when he was a baby up until the last year or so, he is 4 now, The last time he got really constipated was scary, he had eaten a blue crayon, the only thing we could guess, so he was trying to poop so badly and he had blue fluid coming out from down there and we were freaked out…we gave him laxatives and stool softeners and it still took several days for it to work through his body and of course he pooped at the doctors office right before he came in, they always have a problem until your get them to the doctor then the doctor thinks you are a paranoid mom…LOL…try the prune juice or even whole prunes, give them to her as a snack and tell her how yummy they are, she will probably like them if she likes raisins, just tell her they are big raisins, I will be praying for Isa, I know how miserable they can get when they are constipated, poor girlie…Love Meg


          hey hun a good way to help her with a bowel movement is giving her a cup or bottle of lukewarm water or milk with a teaspoon of honey dissolved in it…. its excellent!! also try and include some insoluble fibres in her diet which are found in fruits such as papaya and paw paw or oats and bran…. also keep up her water intake…another good thing that is recommended by doctors is that at age 2 kids should be de wormed….. hope ive helped some how



            I’m sorry but I have to ask…..I have a whole houseful of children and have been through some pretty ugli stuff with each of them, but for the life of me, I have never heard of children being de-wormed!!:S It has to have another name for a common ailment, I’m sure. Please, please clear that up for me!!

            I have had quite a few babies get constipated, and lots of fiber in their diet will help for sure. Plums, watermelons, and blueberries are wonderful and most kids like them. I’ve had to use stool softeners as well. I’ve even made up a warm bath with a baking soda solution. The measurements are on the box for soaking. The warm water will help loosen the muscles around the bladder.

            If your little one is on dairy, there might be a sensitivity to it. My little girl who is now 4, went from nursing to formula, then we wanted her to go to cow’s milk at 1 yr old. She would get so constipated by the end of the day, she was screaming in pain. We had to continue with formula, even as she was approaching 2 yrs. of age because her system couldn’t handle processing it. We tried again much later, and watered down her cup of milk and she never knew, and it began to get easier for her to get use to it.

            Good luck,


              Nadza lives in Africa, I figured that de worming might be something they do there!! Different culture, different ailments!!


                de wormed…. everyone has worms in their stomachs, some more then others… usually wen u eat sweets or junk foods people say ‘ur feeding the worms’… examples of people who have worms are kids that seem to not have an appetite for food but have ‘munchies’ the entire day and people who eat n eat but never gain weight, these worms cause many to crave sweet things n unhealthy things, so to get rid of the cravings u get rid of the worms…its not coz we live in SA that people get worms, its in everyone, u get syrups n medicines that detox u of the worms (in the olden days the herbalists remedies would make the worms come out alive n wriggling eeeewwww!!!!) sorry for the detail but im no doc so idk watelse it could be known as… google it, u should get some more insight



                  lol basically these worms eat the food u eat to survive sooo u gotta get em out..


                    Oh yes my daughter switched to cow’s milk really early, also around 1. She drinks a bottle and half every morning when she wakes up! Thank you so much for bringing that up, I bet that is a big reason for her constipation! I wen’t and bought laxatives, soothing belly creams (a bunch of herbs in them), baby tea’s and baby whole grain bars today… I will also try to stop with the mild which will be very difficult. She LOVES it so much and it has become a daily ruitine. But anything to stop her butt from being plogged up! πŸ˜‰

                    Thanks for your advice you guys, means alot to me πŸ™‚


                      Does your child like fruits and vegetables. Honestly try apple juice, plums, prunes, anything that will start getting the GI system moving. Otherwise if nothing you have tried at home, if they don’t work, talk to your doctor. My nephew, who is three, had that same problem and they put him on a long treatment of laxatives and different meds to get his bowels cleaned out. Now things are starting to look a lot better. So do what you can from being at home, otherwise talk to your doctor and see what they think you should try.


                        I know I’m a little late to the party, but the thing that my grandma always used (She had 11 kids and 40 grandkids so she ought to know!) is dark Caro Syrup. Just a big spoonful. I don’t know why it worked but she swore by it!


                          Are apples a good source of fiber?


                            Really? Interesting… I’ll have to try that if it get’s bad again. She is getting regular since I have stopped the cow’s milk. But she would scream and cry when she couldn’t have it in the morning so I just bought some soy milk.
                            Oh all she drinks is apple juice and water, that never did help her. It’s also hard to feed your kid fruits and veggies when they are such gosh darn picky eaters! My fault though… when I was pregnant with her I didn’t eat healthy at all.

                            Thank again πŸ™‚

                            gina lynn

                              Hello. my son is almost three, and had the same problem when I started potty training him, but eventually got over it. try feeding her LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies. (But not bananas, they can make it worse) Also, cut back on the dairy, milk yogurt and cheese they will make it worse. be sure shes drinking lots of water, and maybe some watered down juice, but mostly water. I would definatly not continue with the potty traing until she’s not been constipated for a couple months. wait until she’s ready to potty train and make it a positive experience, so she wont be afraid and hold it in.


                                I only have a six month old but he has been constipated horribly, too. He keeps getting stomach cramps and he just cries! It’s so heartbreaking! πŸ™ But I did try giving him MORE food… fruits and veggies… and he has responded well to that. Prune juice, apple juice, pear juice…. all seem to help speed up the process. Also, you can rub their belly or do a “bike” exercise with their legs to help them move along.

                                Good luck. ^.^

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