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      Hello my name is Rosemarry but i go by Rosie i am 24 years old and i have 10 children. Karley, Kloe, and Klara age 8. Eliott and Ryan age 6. Rive age 5. Adlyn and Zoe age 2. Landon age 1. and Jackson is a month and half. I finished high school and went on to college i graduated college and now i am a pastry chef. My husband is the father to all ten of my children. he is also in the Marines. my twin sister and my older sister are my best friends. Roxxy(my twin) has two children Heather age 3 and Heath age 2. my older sister Nicole has a 4 year old daughter named Hayley and Harrison is Due December 15th. so i know alot about young moms, children and hardships please feel free to message me i would love to know your stories. and answer any questions you might have.
      good luck ladies
      -much love Rosie


        Wow rosemary! You’re super mum! I’m so amazed! I think you are awesome for having multiples. Man your house must be busy! I think it is wonderful you have so many children and you are so young. You are a testimony of strength and determination. I don’t think i could do ten so i admire you for that. You also look a lot like taylor swift in your photo. How do you manage? and how do you entertain so many children while your hubby is away? Does it get hard sometimes? Sory for all the questions but your story just blew me away.



          wow rosie you’re really awesome 🙂 and I thought handling my six year old niece was a handfull. How on earth do you manage and stay so cute at the same time?!

          Love Eva


            how do you do it all?
            And kids are so expensive!You still look amazing!
            Please tell me how you do it!
            Do you think you will have more children?have you always wanted so many children?
            Sorry about all the questions, but i am truly amazed!


              [b]1 question..How you do it? That’s crazy but it proves that you are really strong emotionally. Good for you =]
              Well, I got pregg at 15 and now I’m 16 31 weeks along and I’m living with the babys dad and my mom and we all kinda help each other. I also model and act =] good money well hope to hear from you soon.[/b]


                Wow that most have been hard to do while doing school and such but I’m just curious what were your signs of being pregnant?

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