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      Let me get straight to the point…I had my period on Sept 3rd and it finished on the 7th. My husband and I made love right after. The next day onwards we were using protection. After a week (about the 14th) I’ve been experiencing early symptoms of pregnency…pukish feeling, tiredness, body ache, tender swollen breasts, etc. My question is…is it possible to be pregnant? It’s too soon isn’t it? I’m waiting for my next period, but what else could this constant vomitting feeling be associated too? I have it throughout the day…My stomach is still flat as ever. Any comments??

      Miss Boop

        🙂 You can still be pregnant while on your period as I’ve know from a real close friend of mine.If you go to the doctor and take a blood test then you can find out if you’re pregnant as early as 3weeks into the pregnancy. Hope all goes well with you and yours!!!Soon-to-be mom of a beautiful BABY BOY!!!


          Thanks for replying! Waiting for the next period, if I don’t get it I’ll take a home pregnancy test. I’m thinking that I might be reading into everything a little too much!:P Let’s see! Will keep you posted. Either way I’m happy!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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