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      Hey ladies.
      Me and my husband are going to start trying for a baby. (which probably wont take very long) So this is a big decision for me but I think its time. I think when May 4th roles around I will have something to look forward to and not depressed about, hopefully by then i will have a little miracle within me. I hope this is the right decision and that I will be able to put aside my daughter’s death and be a good mother.


        CONGRADULATIONS!!! I hope everything goes well!
        May God Bless You,



          I think this is a very selfless and loving thing to do for your husband, for your marriage and for Kennah’s memory, I know you will be a great mom, you have already proven that you are, this is a big step and I pray that you will find much healing, blessing and enjoyment…I am happy for you and cannot wait for the news…Love Meg


            good luck hunny. I agree with meg. she said it well.


              Congrats and good luck!


                Good luck!


                  My well wishes and prayers are with you girly good luck and I admiRe your courage after such a tragedy god bless you and your family hun! Xxx

                  princess Angela

                    Hey goodluck i think your making a good choice…
                    Youll be a wonderful mum!


                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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