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      i know its a bit random and diffucult to say from 1 pic but just wanted opinions on wether it looks like im pregnant? i normally have a really flat stomach but have a small bump now and my stomach feels quite hard…if i was pregnant i would be about 14weeks..



        Have you taken a test yet? Take a pregnancy test with your first mornings urine, that is when it is most accurate, also call this number, 1-800-395-HELP, they will give you the number and location to the closest Pregnancy Resource Center to you where you can get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test, they can also get you an ultrasound, honey are you late for your period? If so then I would be highly shocked if you are not pregnant…if you normally have a flat tummy and this is what your tummy looks like now then you definitely look about 14 weeks along…please take a test and also go to your doctor, if you are not pregnant there could be other serious health issues that could be causing this….please let us all know what you find out…Love Meg


          i missed a period and then got 2 wich were both late..i took 3 pregnancy tests at different days but all were negative,but i didnt do them early in the morning so maybe this could of effected the results? i thought i probably wasnt pregnant because i got 2 periods but i read up on the net some people have said they’ve still had period like bleeding when they are pregnant..i am pretty scared right now but will make a docters appointment n let you know what happens…i wont be upset if i am pregnant and would definatly keep it,it will just be a bit diffucult telling my family and the babys dad who im not with anymore and i know definatly doesnt want kids yet :unsure:


            I think that it looks like you are, and if so then you gotta go see about that b/c you have missed your whold first trimester so it would be best to try and find out and start making some decisions on how you are going to go about doing and handling and takeing care of everything…..but CONGRATS if you are!!!!!!! Oh and I heard that the best time to take a pregnancy test is early in the morning but if youare that late then it should come out possitive…if not your HGC levels are low and you need to go to the doctor so you know of your baby is in any type of danger (don’t mean to scare you or anything). Hoep all is and ends well!!!!!


              ok so just to update.. i went to family planning clinic were i had to do a urine test..wich was negative..when i asked the nurse about reasons i may be getting symptoms of pregnancy and missing periods and late periods,she said that because im slim i may miss periods like how sometimes athletes and ballet dancers do..?! although im not overly slim,i weigh 8st5..but she didnt really have any other answers and just lectured me about using i left feeling just as confused as when i went in! :S


                Hey there, Sadly that is normally what you get from “family planning clinics” They are more about birth control/contraceptives and not so much about your health….I think you should go to your regular doctor, get a blood test and also schedule an ultrasound, if you are in fact not pregnant then you need to find out why you are feeling the way you are, why your stomach is bloated/larger than normal and why your periods have been messed up, you could have cysts on your ovaries or something else to that effect, I am not a doctor but I feel that I have given you “more medical advice” than the family planning lady did, honey go to the doctor because you only have one body in this life and you need to take care of it, listen to it, if something doesn’t seem right then you need to be seen….please let me know what you find out….Love Meg


                  Hey XxCalxX,

                  What a shame the ‘family planning clinic’ lady was so unhelpful. Even though you have had a few tests that have come back negative, it would still be worth you calling the number Meg11 listed above. The free ultrasound that you could get at a pregnancy centre would be great to confirm whether or not you are pregnant. You have a pretty pronounced bump there!

                  Do you have someone you can talk to about your concerns, someone who could go to the pregnancy centre or doctor with you?

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