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      hi! im leia from the philippines!i got pregnant when i was 18.i’m still studying,so that really made a hell of,how am i suppose to tell my parents and if how are the people around me going to,as a net surfer myself,i searched for websites meant for teenage pregnancies,and then i found stand up girl.i read all the ‘dear becky’ stories and i got inspired big time.Like all of a sudden,everything i have ever been afraid of didn’t matter to me.such feeling just when all over me,a strength to which i don’t know where it came i’m typing this right now,i’m about to get my eyes wet.

      at that point of my life when everything seemed to be going nowhere else but down,this site,this love-embraced site taught me how to be brave,how to conquer all your troubles even the ones you thought will never be solved.

      i pursued my pregnancy and my son is now 3-month old.i never regret anything i decided since the day i got motivated by this beautiful site.

      i wrote this message to bring tribute to all the girls who were willing to face anything,to all the woman who never gave up even at the times when all they have are themselves,to all who never stops to inspire girls like me.

      this is one of the things i learned in ‘standupgirl’ :

      to be a mother even if you’re young,is not a curse,it’s a privilege.


        I agree with you and I am so thankfull to have a place to relate to others who are going through what I have been through and a place where people understand the trials of parenting….God Bless you and enjoy your little one……Meg

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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