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      Ok so anyone that has actually been following my story i am now pregnant again and when i first told my boyfriend he decided to support me and that things wouldnt be that bad..but now hes changed his mind again within 2 days! he says hes gonna loose his family if i keep this child whereas i will have mine no matter what..He’s asking me to have an abortion..there is no way im going to do that but i said to him ill "go" there im just gunna go let him see how much i dont agree n walk jus praying hes gonna support me ive been with him for 18 mnths now and he truley is the love of my life..i feel like im letting my mum down she says shell support me regardless but deep dwn she dusnt wnt me 2 have just in a hole right now i feel like the decision im making is only for me and im just ruining everyones lives
      I know my b/f life will be real messed up afterwards his parents would disown him and he wud have 2 cram into my box room with a baby also somehow..i know i cud get a flat but were both still at it wrong for me 2 feel kinda bad 4 deicding 2 keep my baby it feels like the babys ruining things before he/she is even here if i had my b/f behind me id be over the is all worth it isnt?


        hey. i think that this is absolutely the right decision for you to make. i’m really proud that you chose to keep your baby. no one said it was going to be easy, but it will be worth it. right now things seem crazy i’m sure, and i have no doubt that your boyfriend is scared out of his mind (i might be pregnant and just spent a good three hours last night trying to calm down the would-be father) but everything will work out. and as for your mom, sure deep down she doesn’t think this is right for you, but it’s because she recognizes how hard it will be for you. but you can do it. many, many women have done it before you. my mom was only 17 when she had me, and she had to drop out of highschool, but now she has three highschool aged kids (including myself), is happily married to my father (not my birth father, but someone even better), she went back to college, and now lives in a nice house with a good job. so trust me, it can be done. you just have to work really hard at it, and i’m sure you will.

        i think that you are making an amazing and selfless decision, and i wish you the best of luck with it. remember, if you ever need someone to talk to i’m here as well as anyone else on this site. goodluck. and stand strong! 🙂


          ur doing the right and brave thing!! ur bubz has a right to life! and mark my words wen i say things will change once its arrived! u tink ur bfs parents can really turn heir backs on their grandchild??? even if they say they will, they wont…. things will work out, it will be ok! keep ur head up, stay strong! stand up 4 ur baby!


            You are ABSOLUTLEY making the best decision for you and your baby. I did the same thing. My babys daddy told me to get an abortion and he walked out. Also my parents disowned me and I’m only 16 and still in school. My mom kicked me out and my dad didn’t want me either. His parents wanted me to get an abortion also. But I didn’t, I knew that God wouldn’t have given me this if i couldn’t handle it. Now I’m in 10th grade, I’m 16, I have a job, and my son is a healthy 6 month old baby! Me and my mom are on good terms, me and my dad are on good terms, I live with my mom and everythings great. My babys daddy….well he’s another story to be reckoned with. But his parents do see the baby, they realized after a couple months that this was their flesh and blood and they were depriving it from love. I think your making a fantastic decision and no one else can make the choice for you. and I’m not goin to lie, it ill be very very hard but God wouldn’t have given you this beautiful child if you couldn’t handle it and the baggage that goes along with it. If ya need me I’m always here to talk.

            good luck hun.


              i think u made the right decision by keeping the baby maybe when you have the baby he will come around im in sum what in a similar sitution only diffence is my boyfriend is way older than so it make things a lil easier but i mean im 17 and 3months pregant now been pregant twice had 2 abortion which was horrible which cause me to have a severe depression that i been dealing with since i was 15 just last week i was ready get another abortion but tol myself i cant do it and walk out held my head up high if hes not gonna be there then thats his business just like your boyfriend said mines told me the same thing now im just going to be doing it alone by myself no family support i mean boyfriend wateva choice i make hes with me all the way but right i really want break it off i know bring my baby in this world will bring me joy and happyness and i just heard my baby heartbeat today uhhhhh how cute it was


                vkiefer wrote:

                hey. i think that this is absolutely the right decision for you to make. i’m really proud that you chose to keep your baby. no one said it was going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

                Completely agree!
                That is so true! Although if I were you I would outrightly bluntly refuse even to go near an abortion clinic.
                But good on you for standing up! I’m sure if he really does love you he will stick around no matter what, he’ll calm down eventually. If not…then you know, how could he have loved you in the first place? Truth can bite of course, but it’s better than lies. I hope he does stick around and be a man.
                All the best to you hun!


                  You are ABSOLUTLEY doing the right thing. I know that it is hard, believe me, I know. But you will not regret this decision.

                  Hang in there, girl. Hold your head up HIGH! How is your baby going to thank you when he or she is older and knows what kind of hard choices and sacrifices you had to make? Your baby is already counting on you for life. You’re going to be a great mom. 🙂



                    I wouldnt even walk in one of those places.
                    You arent going to have the abortion and thats it tell everyone. Be a standup girl!


                      you shouldnt feel bad at all! its completely your decision! when i first told my stepmom the first thing she did was call all the adoption places in my state and got all these packets and videos for me to read. she even went as far as getting the papers for me to fill out. she didnt want me to keep my baby but i did and i thought she would hate me for keepin my little girl but now i realize, i shouldnt have cared.
                      this is your baby and nobody elses so you have the right to make the decision of keeping your baby.
                      your the mother and its your choice.

                      stay strong

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