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      I grew up always very close to my parents..and i have one older brother which sometimes it seems like hes more of another dad..especially now..i found out on halloween ’06 that i was pregnant..well it was confirmed i already knew i had missed my period and i just really had a gut feeling..well by this time i was already a couple weeks pregnant..i called my boyfriend and all he said was "well i told you so, its ok well handle this the best way we can"..becase he thought so too…but then it came time to tell our parents we told his by sending them flowers at work lol..they took it very well especially with them being such ig christians we figured they’d be devestated but they saw it more as a ‘blessing’ my parents however took it very hard and after a lot of stress and serious praying things worked themselves out.. we descided on a name Kayleigh Ruth Russell…and here i am 8 months later 4 weeks from my due date and were still together our anniversary was on March 17th..hes the light of my life and i could never love anyone more..


        wow u found out the same month that i did, although mine was the first week of october ’06…i’m due in two weeks…and my husband and i just got married back on feb. 2nd, and we’ve been together for going on three years next month….


          You Picked a great name! lol good luck


            wow…im really happy for you…good luck on your delivery and with your relationship…i hope everything goes good for you!!!
            —Love Samantha

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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