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      Ok so i haven’t had my period in almost 3 months now, all neg results including the blood tests which were two. But now im getting a bit worried because every now and then i feel a fluttery kinda feeling in my stomach. Not sure what that is but it’s worrying me a bit. Any ideas as to what it could be and why this may be happening to me???:S


        Just go to a primary care and have them take a look at you. They will run some tests and should be able to give you some answers or point you in the right direction. It seems you are not pregnant so you need to find out what if anything is going on. Best of luck. Jessica


          I’de go to your gp and get them to do an internal scan…even if the tests are negative tell them you are making your self ill with worry and would really apreciate an internal ultra sound…get it out the way and from then you can move forward because some women don’t show up on tests for months…x


            i would go to the dr and have them do an ultrasound cause i know a woman who took pt and pt and was negitive and they finally gave her an ultrasound and sure enough she was 6mths pregnant.


              you still could be pregnant. ive heard alot of girls stories on here that take pee and blood tests and it doesnt show up for a couple months.
              i dont know if they would do it but demand an ultrasound and see if they can see anything.


                All you have to do is get a blood test from a doctor’s office done… and I’d get it done soon!


                  you should probably go to your OB/GYN and see what she has to say… it’s not very likely that two blood tests would come up with false negatives, but I guess it is possible. But either way it would be good to find out what’s going on, right? 🙂


                    Ok so all the tests were neg and im not preggo. The pains i’d been feeling turned out to be an ovarian cyst. The symptoms i was having were due to side effects from the pill. The doctor said some pills will just make you get all funny like that if they’re not meant for you. So all in all im not pregnant, still no period though so we’ll see what happens. Thank you so much for your support and concern.


                      I’m glad everything worked out for you. 🙂 I hope your cyst turns out okay.


                        Thanks for updating us! I’m glad that everything worked out for you!

                        princess Angela


                          Ive been pregnant twice in my first situation i was 17 and fell pregnant i choose to abort because i had no money and no way to raise the child.

                          My 2nd child i was blessed with a yr later and gave birth to him 2 days before my birthday i love him so much…

                          But what im tryin to get at it with my first pregnancy a urine home test didnt show positive until i was about 7 weeks pregnant and a blood test showed positive at this time.And my 2nd pregnancy it showed very lightly positive on a home test at 4 weeks and a blood test came back negitive at 4weeks then i had an ultrasound and comfirmed it.

                          So i guess im just trying to say it sometimes doesnt show right away so maybe u should get an ultrasound to find out for sure. Its the only true way u will find out

                        Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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