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      i joined this site 2 yrs ago when i was with my boyfriend ‘bonny’ . we were together two and a half years and just recently broke up. but now im involved with a new man and things are going great! – untill now.

      iv knows him a long enuff time as we where friends before we started being intimate but one thing led to another last monday and we slept together. we didnt use protection and it is very possible that i am pregnant, infact im almost sure i am. (taking a test as soon as possible as i am not due for another week and want an accurate reading) but what do i do?.. we arent together long and this is a HUGE commitment. he said he’d be there for me and would rather i had it than abort.

      please help me decide what to do ! i really need help !

      – confused ?!:dry:


        Hi there,
        It’s not an easy decision to make, but I really feel that it’s your decision and that no one should be allowed to influence it or force you to do anything you don’t want to, especially if it’s something this serious and life changing. Have you thought of adoption? There are alot of couples who’d give anything for a child of their own and would give your baby everything you feel you can’t.
        Check out for stories from women who’ve had abortions as well as abortionists. There’s also alot of info on PAS and a section with info that will help you make an informed decision.
        Personally, I am pro-life. I’ve had an abortion that I’ve regreted every day since and I wouldn’t wish the emotional turmoil in my worst enemy.

        Prayers and positive thoughts,
        Evangeline xoxo


          hey hun, be greatful that u hav a man who wants to support u n isnt threatning to leave u or not support u unless u abort! i think u shud jus wait till u take a test n discuss the avenues thereafter with him, its better to make decisions with the correct facts rather then ‘what if’s and maybies’


            Flesh of your flesh and blood of your blood…please read up about how a baby develops, what they do to a baby when they abort and the aftereffects! If you find out you’re pregnant and don’t keep the baby, you’ll still have a life-changing experience that will shape your future and be with you for the rest of your life. Once it’s done it cannot be undone. The baby is an eternal soul from the moment of conception. Life or DEATH for your baby shouldn’t depend on how your relationship is or how long you two have been together. I can just imagine your baby down there: “Mommy it’s okay if you don’t know daddy too long, I don’t mind, please just don’t let the doctor tear me apart! Please mommy I really want to be born, just like you were!”
            I beg you – LOVE your CHILD. Let everything else fade. LOVE your child. This goes for whenever you find yourself pregnant.
            You’re a woman. You have a gift that men don’t. You can bear children. I once thought I had a miscarriage, but I wasn’t pregnant in the first place and when I saw my womb on the ultrasound screen…empty…it looked sad and wrong. It’s also not your decision alone. That child is half your boyfriend’s. He’s the father, don’t you think he has a say? No matter how things turn out between you and him, you’ll never wish your little baby wasn’t born. Sometimes I get so angry at my husband I want a divorce but never do I unwish my child. A relative of mine was horribly physically abused by her ex-husband and she has said to me: “I will never send my son back (i.e. to God) or wish he was never born!”

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