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      Okay I am 16 and just had a baby in August. The problem is that I think that I may be pregnant again. I dont remember too much about my first pregnancy because it feels as if it was years ago. I really need some advice because I dont know what to do,


        Well, depending on how late you are, I would: Number 1: Take a home pregnancy test and Number 2: Head to the doctor. Also, you might want to tell the Daddy you think you could be. It’s not fair to keep something that important from him. 😉


          well if u are late take a home pregnancy test if ur not happy with the result go to the docs an they will do 1 for you. . . goodluck sweetie xxxx


            He knows. I had told him as soon as I thought it might be possible. I just dont know if I can keep this baby if I am pregnant again. My daughter is only 8 months old I dont know if I would be able to handle them at ages that are so close.


              Being 16 yrs old with a 8 month old baby has got to be hard enough!!!! I was 22 with a 23 month old when I found out I was pregnant with my son!!! I knew that I shouldnt have been having sex I knew the risks of pregnancy but I ignored it all because all I could do was think of myself and what I wanted….. I made the choice that I was not going to have sex again untill marriage….3 1/2 years went by untill I was married and the wait was so worth it….I never had to feel used or empty…I didnt have to worry about pregnancy or the risk of an STD…and I set a living example in front of my daughter!!! I went through both pregnancies alone and my kids have different dads, and even though some people looked down on me I didnt let it stop me from changing!!! It is really hard to change when people around you dont treat you like you’ve changed and it is even harder to change when you are in a relationship or many relationships where it is based on sex…you loose your sence of self worth and the end result is always lonelieness and emptyness…If you are pregnant you need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for your actions and let this encourage you to make new choices and if you are not pregnant then let this scare you into celebacy!!!! I have learned the hard way…kids need two parents they need to know that they are loved and wanted by the two people who made it possible for them to exist, I hate having to tell my daughter that I dont know where her dad is and explain that her brother’s dad is not her dad and that the man I am married to is her new daddy (she is thrilled to have him as a daddy and he loves her as his own). children shouldnt have to go through those things because of our choices, there are times when a husband dies and the mom remaries with young children, there are times when a husband is abusive and there needs to be a seperation, but those tings are out of our controll…we need to step up and make better choices for our children and the first step for those with little ones watching is to not have sex untill marriage…children will do what they saw growing up…is the mess you are in what you would want for your little girl????? Please hear my heart and know that I have made many mistakes with my kids but it is better to try hard and make mistakes then to just live a carefree life of doing what you want to…If I could change and make better choices then it is possible for anyone to do it!!!!…Meg


                The father of my daughter and I are planning on getting married soon. Im just scared thats all. Its been so stressful lately that my nerves are higher than they have been in awhile.:blush:

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