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      my name is tiffany, i’m 17 years old, and oh yeah i’m pregnant by my boyfriend (warren) who i love more than n e thing in this world. i love my boyfriend and he loves me too, but my parents dont c that. i am about to graduate from high school in may so i will be done with school but i plan to go to college after i have my baby. since my parents found out that i am pregnant i am not allowed to see my boyfriend, so i am forced to sneak and see him. my mom wants me to kill my baby but i feel if God didnt want me to have this baby it would not be in my body to this day. i love my WARREN and my mom doesnt understand. she thinks he talked me and forced me to have sex with him, but it wasnt like that. I love him with all my heart and I wanted to share that with him and he wanted to share that with me. he was my first but I told him he wasnt, one day i will have to tell him that i was too scared to say i was a virgin at 16. i guess it just isnt common in my town. but I love Warren with all my heart and I am glad i am having his baby. now we share our love through blood and nothing is stronger than that. BUT THEY JUST DONT UNDERSTAND. I LOVE WARREN. I LOVE WARREN. I LOVE WARREN FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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