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    Molly Joe

      hey when i was 18 years old i got pregant, i was still in high school and i did not have a boyfriend infact i got pregnant by someoone i harldy even knew. It was our first time having sex and we did not use protection. I remember calling him when i found out it was probably like 1am and i told him and he just said call me tomorrow i am to tierd to talk about it now, next couple of days he threatened me to have an abortion saying that my child would ba a bastered child ans how he wished that he died if i had my baby, and how he would never be around. I could not tell my mother because i was scared of the disapointment she would have in me so i went to another family member who suggested maybe it would b ebest to have an abortion so thats what i did. The so called man friend didd not even bother to come with me to the clinic and when i finally did speak with him he was not concerned about ii i was okay he was only worried about if i had the abortion. Couple of days later he called me talking about how he has anther girl pregnant at the same time as me and how he was going to work things out and have there child. And now i feel like my chikd died for no reason and that i should have kepted it and for some advice to anyone out there, never let a man decide on what to do with your child make it your choice and your choice only. and i am 21 years old now and i think about my child everyday. I wasnt ready for a child at that age so i took the easy way out and had an abortion. and a message to all the single young teen moms out there, do what every you have do do for your child and never regret them love them give them all you have, the desreve it because they didnt ask to be here.

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