There’s always Hope

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      Just a message of Hope to all the young women and men who are facing a Crisis Pregnancy.
      "There’s Always Hope" NO matter the situation your in, Turn to someone you can trust and talk to about this thoroughly before making your decision.
      I speak from experience. I too faced a crises pregnancy, at 24 and didn’t find the support I so desperately needed. I didnt have someone to say its going to be ok and receive that help from. I was alone and scared. I also felt trapped, because the new boyfriend didnt want anything to do with me or his unborn child.
      I panicked and decided to abort.I was dropped off at the clinic, alone, As I sat in the waiting room, I felt a knot in my stomach tighten. The look on the other women’s faces were cold and somber. I knew in my heart of hearts, It wasn’t the right thing to do, but when you’re in that situation, your head can’t think clearly. I remember sobbing to the nurse as she drew my blood and she too was cold. I had questions, doubts and most of all, I didn’t want to go thru with it. However , I did. That was the worst decision of my life. I want you to know I suffered the worst psychological impact I’ve ever been thru. Its called Post Traumatic-Stress Disorder. Also known as Post Abortion Syndrome. I tried to drown my pain and emotional turmoil, such as guilt, shame, low-self esteem, depression with drugs and alcohol for 2 months. I couldnt handle life anymore,I cried all the time, Finally I moved home to my mother to straighten my life out. With her support, love and understanding, I turned to a Christian Mentor, A women who led Post-Abortion Support Groups, to find my forgiveness and Healing within. That was a painful yet powerful journey that took a year of my life to work thru. I am healed and now moving forward. Wanting to help others thru this very same experience. I know now there are two victims. The Mother and her unborn Child.
      We’re left here on earth to sort thru the emotional trauma and put our lives back together. Maybe this will open your eyes to a differ perspective. There’s always HOPE and Help With your Baby. The Pregnancy and Support Center is one place, I didn’t know about, but now you do. Abortion isn’t the answer. LIFE and the people you love are. Jesus Christ is the answer. He loves you and your child. He’s been there for me thru this tragedy and brought me thru the darkest of times. Allow him to shine his light for you.
      Please remember "There’s Always Hope"


      Camilla Renee


        Wow-I’m so sorry for your loss. I wish someone would have been there for you. I too am a believer in God and that everything happens for a reason. Hopefully you will soon discover the reason for your abortion. I too suffer from depression. I sincerely hope you find the healing you deserve. God Bless You!

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