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      I am writing this with two very strong emotions running inside me. Love and Sadness. I haven’t posted in over a month because I have been in the hospital. on dec. 25 I was told that there was not only my two indentical babies but also another one. I went home and made an attempt to take my life. Thank god I didn’t die. I had all three of my childran that day. I am giving my son to my cousin and her husband and me and Mak are keeping the girls. I hurts me to think of the day I will say goodbye to my son. They are all okay and in the ICU.

      Dec. 25, 2008
      Pattyn Ireland (Pat-in)-3Ibs 3oz

      Scarlett Alice-3Ibs

      And my cousin and her husband named our son:
      Anthony Parker-2Ib 6oz.
      I have pictres on my profile.


        I will say congratulations, and also that you are very strong. It must have been extremely scary to hear that news and devastating to have two babies and give one up… I really admire your strength and courage. Good luck.


          i would like to saay…first of congrats on your girls! and on your boy! you are a very strong woman, specially for your age…you are one of the girls for who we can truely say, she stood up!

          i belive that it was hard to give your son to your cousin…but on the other side, he will have the life that he deservs, im sure your aunt will give him EVERYTHING she can…and he still is in the family, you will be able to watch him grow up, and he will know (when he will be older) that you made the best choice you could for him!

          congrats and good luck!

          sophia roses mummy

            i think thats really brave of you, when i was 15 years old i got pg and i had a beutiful baby girl and my dad forced me to put her up for adoption and it is really hard and i do regret having to do what i did and it makes me cry when ever i hear of any one having to give up on their baby and just thinking of my own daughter that i gave up 5months ago. and i just wanted to say good luck and if you think your doing the right thing by him i wish you all the best and i wish you all the best 🙂 gabby xo


              I am so glad that you did not die! It must have been such a shock to hear that you were pregnant with triplets.
              Congratulations on their birth! It must be so hard to give your son to your cousin, but I am proud of you for doing what is best for your babies!


                Congrats on your babies. I hope that you have help! I am here if you need any “twin advice” It is a hard road to have twins but even harder as a teen. It is also very rewarding! Seeing your babies smile makes it all worth it. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your little ones. I, like you considered suicide when I found out I was having twins but thank god did not. Stay strong and know you always have people to talk to.
                Lily Kare:P

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