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      So I have been reading up about the effectivness of the pill (something like 99% when taken perfectly), and its all great, but whats the actual effectivness if some have been missed or taken late (in this case, 3 missed, 2 in the first week, one in the second, and up to 9 taken 12 hours or so after they were ment to be). The internet has some very confusing results on missed pills. Some sites say a missed pill in the first week will cause you to ovulate, whilst others say that the chance of pregnancy after a missed pill or two that isnt exceeding 8 days (on either side of sugar pills) wont matter.

      Has anyone here gotten pregnant on the pill?


        [color=#800080] I’m not for sure if I got pregnant while on the pill or not. I first started taking one called Femcon or something like that back in Feb. We waited about one week and then did it after the doc said one month. when it was time for my period to come. I did but It was soooo crampy and painful. I mean i have crampy periods anyway but I thought the pill helped that. man it hurt. has i was on my way home for the town my husband lived in ( before we got married ) ( about 1 and 1/2 hour drive ) I stoped at a gas station got some gas and then went’ to use the bath room. I hope this don’t sound nasty but I past something that I thought was a blood clot at first but then I was like " that is one big clot " thinking ya know I uselly have them but not like this so i began to look a little closer. It was prob about 2 inches or so long and about 1/2 an inch wide. Bright red and i could see something that looked like vaines in side of it.
        I sometimes wonder if or even think I had a misscarriage. but i guess i’ll never know.:unsure: [/color]


          i got pregnant on the pill with my son


            ive got preg on the pill its not to efective is it??

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