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      Hello all! I hope everyone is having a super duper day/week because I know I am 😀

      Basically, I just need some advice because I haven’t been on birth control in a while :S I’ve recently gone back on the pill as a form of contraception because I wanted to have that extra “protection”. Well, I’m up to the “sugar pill” part of the package which is the part that’s supposed to make you get your period…I’m not getting anything. I don’t even feel remotely different and I’ve taken four pills out of seven already. There is a very, very slight chance that I could be pregnant but I’m trying not to think of that right now otherwise I’ll just psych myself out and that’s the last thing I need. When I say slight, I literally mean a 0.01% chance of me being pregnant.

      So, I need advice! Is it just my body adjusting to the pill again or is it something else? When I was on the pill last year it only took two of the pills before I got my period and it’s been four yet I don’t feel any different! I’m just slightly confused and I don’t like being confused :S

      Any advice or opinions will be greatly appreciated!


        I don’t know much about the pill, but I think people can react somewhat differently or at different times (say from last year to now…because your body changes). You probably aren’t pregnant, if you say it’s a .01% chance, though anything is possible. I’d say wait a bit longer and then check with a doctor about things. Also, abstinence truly is the only way to ensure no pregnancy.


          Nevermind, this is now invalid as I finally got my period. Thank goodness :]


            I am really glad that you got your period! Please know that NO birth control is 100% accurate. Women get pregnant all the time on different types of birth control. The only 100% full proof method is abstinence. I know this is not a favorite word, but it is true! If you are unmarried and not financially stable (able to support yourself and a baby), it is probably better to hold off on sex. Because the result could be a new life you are creating.

            Take care and I am happy you received the results you were looking for, just do not take anymore chances with something so BIG!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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