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      Im 12 weeks pregnant, scared, confuessed and unhappy! I’ve been with the father of my child off and on 6 years and I cant stand him at this moment. We talked about having children together even getting married at one point, this is actually the second time I’ve been pregnant by him. Only now he’s made it painfully clear the only reason he’s around is because I’m pregnant and he doesn’t want to see me hurt. Because he cant deal with the fact that I cheated on him when the main reason we’ve been off and on is because he couldn’t make up his mind where he wanted to be cheating on me a number of different time. I keep trying to explain we were young, I was 14 when we got together and he was 16 but it’s like he doesn’t understand saying he just feels trapped. Now I don’t know what to do b.c I’m trying to deal with having this baby possible without him and without my mother (who passed away almost 3 years ago)


        ok do you believe in god listen there is nothing he can’t do if u just believe girl he will help you through your problem if thats the only resons he’s with you tell him he can go because that the wrong reason and you don’t want to grow your baby in an enviornment full of hostility girl you can do it by yourself just don’t stress talk to god and he wil help you through anything ok ma god bless


          listen, sweetie. I know its hard. very hard. I have been in bad relationships too many of them. If the only reason he is around is becuase you are pregnant, then let him be there. it might open his eyes to how beautiful and wonderful you and your child are. hopfully, you guys can work out your problems. If not, then there are billion of guys out there who would love you and love your baby. At leaste let him stick around for a while. maybe he will see what hes missing out on and change his attitude. Just keep your head high and be proud of yourself for sticking things out when many people would have just run away. maybe he will change and you guy can work things out. At leaste he is staying for the childs sake. and thats saying somthing because alot of guys would have up and left.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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